In the 21st century, universities have become hubs of knowledge, learning and research have grown far advanced and complex than before. G.C.W.U Sialkot is devoted to come at par with the international universities in the world today.  Thus, the quality of knowledge, that is being dispensed, must be of a high standard. For this purpose, a quality enhancement cell has been established at G.C.W.U Sialkot. The three guiding principle of this office are efficiency, relevance and quality. G.C.W.U.S is extremely quality conscious and cares about both the personal and professional growth of its students. Q.E.C at G.C.W.U.S is dedicated to ensure quality of teaching, research and administrative efficiency. In future, it is hoped that Q.E.C will be successful in achieving all its goals.


-Mrs. Naila Arshad