“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.” Benjamin Lee Whorf

Urdu language has played a great role in the national integration of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country with many distinct geographical regions. Each region has its own regional language. Other than the difference in the languages, each region has different customs, culture, mannerisms, and traditions. The literature of the times of freedom struggle is recorded in the Urdu language. In those times, the Muslim writers, poets, and freedom fighters used Urdu for instilling spirit and courage among the Muslims.

People of Pakistan are one nation, therefore their thinking, aims and objectives are common. Their progress and prosperity depends upon their unity and brotherhood. An important factor for achieving this unity and brotherhood is Urdu language.

Urdu has become a source of expression, feelings, thoughts and aspirations. People of two different areas can easily understand each other’s ideas and thoughts by using one language. Nations ignoring their language remain deaf and dumb forever. We must not be victim of any complex of inferiority regarding Urdu language. Urdu is a source of pride for our nation.

Dr. Muhammad Afzaal Butt

Chairperson Urdu Department