Information under “The Right to Information ACT 2010”

Information provided below about Govt. College Women University, Sialkot under the policy of Punjab Government “Punjab Governance Reforms Service Delivery Program (PGRSD)” and “Active Disclosure of Information on the official website” under “The Right to Information Act 2010” are as follows:-

1. Current Laws

2. Rules & regulations/ Statutes

3. Functional and Power of target organization

4. Current Organization Structure

  • Organogram
  • Contact Details of top officials (as follows)
    Sr.#OfficeEmail IdTel.Ph
    01Vice Chancellor
    04Controller Examination 143
    06Account Office052-9050135
  • Contact Directory of all officials

1- Current Policies

2- Future Plans and Implementation Strategies

3. Annual Reports

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4. Evaluation Reports

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5. Major Projects and Initiatives


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2. GCWUW Budget (2017-18)

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1. Task Force on Governance Reforms and their Monitoring

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