The Department of Physics at GCWUS offers an access to excellent academic and research facilities. The department was established in 1953 at F. Sc. Level and has since strived towards continual improvement. At present, the department is providing learning resources to the BS, M.Sc. and MS classes. The department has a highly qualified and dedicated faculty with facilities of laboratories where students can delve into the experimental physics universe. Latest apparatus is added annually to keep the services provided updated.
The courses offered by Physics Department cover all major area of Physics. The program offers a comprehensive package that covers full range of quality, production and research-oriented concepts. The qualified graduate of this unique program will be able to improve the quality of private as well as public sector institutes of Pakistan and contribute towards a better future for the coming generations.

“We are confident that our combined efforts will lead to a substantial progress in quality and research management operations in Pakistan.”


The Department of Physics of GC Women University Sialkot aspires to be a renowned institution of national and international worth in advanced learning, innovation and quality publications. It aims to be an institute of superb teaching; limited not only to scientific traditions but also extending its influence to inculcate ethical, moral, social, democratic and national values to its students.


Department of Physics, GC Women University Sialkot has a mission that is multifold but fundamentally based in the principles of ethics, diligence, mutual respect and cooperation. The department’s mission in this reference is to provide a conducive and encouraging environment to understand Physics and share that comprehension and passion for physics at a national and international level with the scientific community. Social training is an important part of the Department’s mission such as reverence for each member and student; as well as bearing and fulfilling an honest responsibility towards society. The department has devoted itself towards constant learning through academic and social programs; innovation and creation of unforeseen knowledge through research activities; and becoming an active institute of Physics in Pakistan and worldwide with its academic and research activities.