The Department of Zoology is one of the most active Departments of G. C. Women University Sialkot. The Department of Zoology consists of various disciplines such as Cell biology, Physiology, Ecology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Entomology, Fisheries, and Animal Diversity etc. This helps the students to get complete understanding of the living world and life processes of the animal kingdom.The Department is also focusing on interdisciplinary research to help students make their career in the world of modern biological sciences by introducing subjects like bioinformatics and bio-statistics.

The Department has several excellent teaching facilities including well-equipped laboratories, lecture theaters and a museum. This museum is used for teaching and research purposes at various levels. Furthermore, in order to facilitate our students in theory and research, we are working to strengthen our laboratories with latest equipment  and internet facility. The highly qualified and  dedicated academic staff is  working hard to bring the Department at par with national and international recognized standards.

The Department of Zoology frequently organizes  educational and recreational tours for the exposure of students to encourage them to attend national and international conferences and workshops. Students are also encouraged to work on projects and follow topics that are at the cutting edge of new research and policy initiatives.