Mathematics is full of unsolved problems, concrete ideas and mind-bending abstract concepts and the Department of Mathematics at Government College Women University Sialkot is a place to learn about and investigate these ideas. Department of Mathematics offered BS 4-years program in 2010 affiliated with University of Gujrat. With the inception of GC Women University Sialkot, the department started its own BS (Morning/Afternoon) program in 2013 and MSc (Morning) program in 2015. The curriculum of these programs is designed keeping in view the international standards, HEC guidelines and national requirements for the award of the degree. The department envisions itself to the development, teaching, and learning of Mathematics and has produced many brilliant graduates equipping with necessary techniques needed to start careers in teaching, research or any walk of life.

We have a strong academic faculty of 16 members, including 4 PhDs who are providing their best services not only to the department itself but also to the other allied departments. Our faculty members are actively engaged in research in different fields including Optimization Techniques, Convex Analysis, Fractional Calculus, Theory of Spline Functions, Fluid Dynamics, Digital Image Processing and Fuzzy Mathematics. In addition to the faculty’s strong research interests, there is an equally strong desire to provide instruction of the highest quality.

Mission Statement

The mission of Department of Mathematics is to provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and its applications. Moreover, the department will contribute to the development of students as mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become lifelong learners, to continue to grow in their chosen professions, and to function as productive citizens. We provide an innovative and supportive environment where students can develop a thorough understanding and appreciation for the mathematical sciences. The department endeavors to build an environment that supports research in Pure and Applied Mathematics by facilitating and promoting the scholarly activities of its faculty and students.

Vision Statement

The Department of Mathematics envisions to be among the best mathematics departments in the country and to establish an international reputation as a Centre for research and teaching in mathematics. From its inception to the present, the department has evolved and grown in several directions in terms of faculty recruitment, research output and the diversity of research pursued. To consolidate and sustain these achievements and to enable continued future growth we seek out promising post-doctoral fellows and to attract eminent researchers as long-term visitors to the Department. We strive to pursue collaboration with the public and private sectors in the form of research, projects and consultancy.

Research Domains

Currently, the faculty of Department of Mathematics is doing research in the following domains:

Pure Mathematics
  1. Graph Theory
  2. Fuzzy Systems and their Extensions, Hybrid Soft Computing Models
  3. Decision Support/ Decision-Making Systems
  4. Algebraic Topology, Topology of Configuration spaces, Low Dimensional Topology
  5. Combinatorics, Representation Stability
Applied Mathematics
  1. Variational Inequalities, Convex Analysis
  2. Combinatorial Optimization, Game Theory
  3. Fractional Calculus/li>
  4. General Relatively, Modified theories of gravity, Cosmology
Computational Mathematics
  1. Splines Theory, Object Designing, Data Visualization, Image & Signal Processing
  2. Analytical and Semi-analytical Methods for Solutions of Fractional Differential Equations
  3. Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
  4. Numerical Solutions of Fractional Differential Equations