Programs offered

Programs offered in morning and evening
Sr.#Program NameTime Slot
01BS Political ScienceMorning
02BS International RelationsEvening
03MS Political ScienceMorning
04Phd Political ScienceMorning

Programs Eligibility Criteria

Program Level of study Eligibility Intake capacity
BS Political ScienceUndergraduateStudent must have passed intermediate or equivalent examination in 2nd division from any public or private university.60
BS International RelationsUndergraduateStudent must have passed intermediate or equivalent examination in 2nd division from any public or private university60
MS Political SciencePost GraduateHEC/GC women University eligibility Criteria15
Ph.D. Political SciencePost GraduateHEC/GC women University eligibility Criteria05

Scop of BS & MS Political Science

Political science is a field of social science which deals with the theory and practice of everything related to politics. Political science involves the study of the political behaviour, system and the political structure of the country or an organisation. It is a very broad field which incorporates the study of historical and modern systems, governmental policies and procedures, foreign policies, public administration, international relations and public affairs. In other words, it is a social science that involves the study of governmental systems and general principles that govern the world of politics.

Politicalscience plays a significant role in our daily lives. Our education, jobs, lifestyle, remittances and taxes are all influenced by political decisions of the policy makers. Political science also play an important role in the development of future leaders. It is an excellent humanities subject best suited for students interested in learning how groups of people govern themselves, how policies are made, and how we can improve our government policies at the local, state, national and international levels.

Herbert Baxter Adams, a professor of history at Johns Hopkins University coined the term ‘Political Science’ in 1880. Now Political Science is taught in all the major institutes in Pakistan and abroad. Political science include philosophical, historical and analytical studies of governments, politics and policies. As a field of social science, political science is the study of constitution of a country and different political aspects.

Those who study political science are known as political scientists. They have huge scope for employment in both government and private sectors of the country. Political scientists solve the nations and worlds problem, by using tools, both humanistic and scientific, and a variety of methodological approaches to examine the process, systems and political dynamics of all countries and regions of the world. Political scientists may focus on political behavior, decision making processes, organizations and public policies. They conduct research on a wide range of subjects- such as political scenario in different nations, major cities and towns; major court decisions on political affairs; relations between Paakistan and other countries etc. They analyse the structure and operation of government, election results and conduct public opinion survey on political matters.

Skills once acquired through a course in political science, also prepares graduates to become leaders in other settings where it is valuable to understand the political context, consequences, and origins of laws and legal institutions. Other than in the political field, students can have a flourishing career with organisations like banks, consultancies, law firms, social research organisations, embassies, colleges, institutes etc. The aspirants for a career in political science, should have vast general knowledge, and should be able to interpret and perceive things well.

Scheme of Studies BS Political Science (Morning Program)
  • BS(4-YEAR) Political Science Hons 2016 AND ONWARD
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
CompulsoryISL-100Islamic Studies2(2+0)
CompulsoryCS-100Introduction to Computers3(3+0)
CompulsoryPOL-127Introduction to Political Science-I3(3+0)
GeneralPOL-126Introduction to International Relations3(3+0)
GeneralECON-114Introduction to Economics3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours17
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
CompulsoryPKS-100Pakistan Studies2(2+0)
CompulsoryMATH-100Compulsory Mathematics3(3+0)
GeneralSOC-112Introduction to Human Rights3(3+0)
FoundationPOL-128Introduction to Political Science-II3(3+0)
GeneralPSY-118Introduction to Psychology-I3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours17
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
GeneralPOL-242Political History of Pakistan since 19473(3+0)
FoundationPOL-229Introduction to Political Science-III3(3+0)
FoundationPOL-246Political Systems (Developed) UK & USA3(3+0)
MajorPOL-252Politics of Federalism3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours18
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
GeneralHIST-101Introduction to History3(3+0)
FoundationPOL-241Pakistan Movement3(0+3)
FoundationPOL-247Political Systems (Developing) China, India, Turkey3(3+0)
MajorPOL-356Public Administration in Pakistan3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours18
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
FoundationPOL-363Western Political Philosophy-I3(3+0)
FoundationPOL-336Muslim Political Philosophy-I3(3+0)
MajorPOL-333Local Government in Pakistan3(0+3)
MajorPOL-238NGO’s in Pakistan3(3+0)
MajorPOL-304Comparative & Development Politics-I3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours16
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
FoundationPOL-337Muslim Political Philosophy-II3(3+0)
FoundationPOL-364Western Political Philosophy-II3(3+0)
MajorPOL-305Comparative & Development Politics-II3(0+3)
MajorPOL-334Major Issues in Pakistan Politics3(3+0)
MajorPOL-319Governance in Pakistan: Problems, Issues & Strategies3(3+0)
MajorPOL-345Political Sociology3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours15
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
MajorPOL-421Ideology & Dynamics of Pakistan’s Politics3(3+0)
MajorPOL-443Political Parties & Elections in Pakistan3(3+0)
MajorPOL-460Research Methodology3(3+0)
ElectivePOL-407Conflict & Conflict Resolution3(3+0)
ElectivePOL-416Foreign Policy Analysis3(3+0)Total Credit Hours15
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
MajorPOL-415Foreign Policy of Pakistan3(3+0)
MajorPOL-409Constitutional Development & Pakistan’s Politics3(3+0)
MajorPOL-402Civil Military Relations3(3+0)
ElectivePOL-425International Relations in New Millennium3(3+0)
ElectivePOL-424International Organizations3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours15

MS Political Science 

Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
CompulsoryPOL-501Advance Research Methodology3(3+0)
CompulsoryPOL-534Theories of I.R3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-520Pakistan: Quaid’s Vision of State3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-502Area Studies: South Asia3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours15
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
CompulsoryCompulsoryPOL-504Comparative & Developmental Politics3(3+0)
CompulsoryPOL-512Foreign Policy of Pakistan W.S.R.T Indo-Pak Relations3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-531State’s Security in Emerging World Order3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-507Comparative Political Culture of South Asia3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours15
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
Total Credit Hours18
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
Total Credit Hours18

Ph.D Political Science 

Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
CorePOL-701Advanced Research Methods3(3+0)
CorePOL-702Political Ideologies3(3+0)
optionalFrom list of optional courses3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours09
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
CorePOL-703Comparative and Developmental3(3+0)
optionalFrom list of optional courses3(3+0)
optionalFrom list of optional courses3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours09
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
Dissertation Writing
Total Credit Hours
List of Core Courses
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
CorePOL-701Advanced Research Methods3(3+0)
CorePOL-702Political Ideologies3(3+0)
CorePOL-703Comparative and Developmental Political Theories3(3+0)
List of Optional Courses
OptionalPOL-704Politics, State and Society Dialectics in Pakistan (Seminar Course)3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-705Political Sociology3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-706Devolution of Power and Good Governance (Seminar Course)3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-707Foreign Policy of Major Powers3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-708Major Issues in Global Politics (Seminar Course)3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-709Strategic Issues and Defense Policy of Pakistan (Seminar Course)3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-710Policy Analysis3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-711Political Economy3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-712Ideology and Dynamics of Pakistan Politics (Seminar Course)3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-713Major Issues of Muslim World (Seminar Course)3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-714Federalism in Pakistan3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-715Major Issues in Pakistan’s Politics (Seminar Course)3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-716Foreign Policy Analysis3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-717International and Regional Organizations3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-718Conflict Management and Resolution in South Asia (Seminar Course)3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-719Political System of Pakistan, India and Iran3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-720Non-State Actors3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-721Politics of Middle East3(3+0)
OptionalPOL-722International Law3(3+0)

Important note: The Scheme of Studies of all the courses including BS, M.A, MSc and MS can be changed according to the demand of market.

BS International Relations (Eveing Program)

Scop of BS International Relations (Eveing Program)

Bachelors in International Relations not only focuses the study about international relation but also give the opportunities to study about others subjects such as economics or law, and need to be equipped with sufficient knowledge of International Relations in order to understand the international dimensions.

BS International Relations offers a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the practice and theory of contemporary international relations. It covers the nature and character of the modern international system, the issues on the policy agendas of the member states of the international community and the factors and forces that are shaping contemporary international affairs.

After Bachelor’s degree in International Relations does not give you entry into a specific field. It provides the student with a broad knowledge base that you can use to excel in a variety of occupations. Student can judge their abilities in different fields Such as national and state government level, especially in the areas of diplomacy, strategic analysis, development of trade relations and international cultural contacts. Others opportunities exist in businesses with overseas profiles, international aid and other non-governmental organizations, news and media organizations.

Scheme of Studies BS International Relations (Eveing Program)
  • BS(4-YEAR) International Relations Hons 2016 AND ONWARD