Health care center at GCWUS is a multi dimensional section established and organized on 1st January, 2015 including all the fields related to the Health of human beings. It is not only included in a society system but also emerging as a system and section for health benefits. All facilities regarding first aid are being provided by the University. Further projects to enhance the services are in progress.


The purpose is to provide health services for the GCWUS. First aid is an important aspect of Occupational Health and Safety. In recognition of this health care center of the GCWUS is committed to provide educational and diagnostic tools about health issues.

Present Facilities

Present facilities include basic first aid boxes, wheel chair, patient bed, nursing equipment for education, psychological consultancy and ongoing basic training courses about health. (especially female health)

Upcoming Plans and Implementations 

1 Health campaigns

2. Nutrition and Biotechnology

3.Pathology lab for diagnosis and report


5. Oncology treatment tools