“Debate is the soul of wit. A good debate shows the logical set of mind!”

Knowledge is a double edged sword, it can make or mar a person if not kept under   conscientious check. Debating is a healthy exercise of higher mental faculties of societybut where the debate on issues discontinues, it becomes a pool of stagnant waters stinking and gnawing at its own self. This is why debating was also considered an essential part of the training of the education of dignitaries in Grecian times. Romans continued this healthy activity and touched the zenith of success. When the debate is checked in any society, the giants of orthodoxy and extremism clutch the healthy thoughts in their lethal claws. Therefore, a tradition of debate and declamation has always been considered an essential part of the training of youth in educational institutions along with their academic activities. GCWUS is one of such institutions where this activity has been hailed over enthusiastically since its old times as GPGCW and GCWS. The Debating society of GCWUS has been working and touching new landmarks in the field of neck breaking challenges and competition to train its students’ mental faculties under the guidance of very competent faculty and leadership.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote a culture of tolerance through debate in the society
  • To strengthen good citizenship qualities among students based on unbiased logical thinking
  • To adorn personal negotiating skills of students to make them effective speakers at local, national and global level