Language is a source of communication. It is a way through which we share our ideas and thoughts with each other. It plays a vital role in building the character of an individual as well as the nation. Language brings us closer to each other and it creates a sense of harmony among the people. Every country has its own National Language. Our National Language is Urdu. The establishment of Urdu Department at GCWUS is as old as the University itself. Here we are trying to produce generations with abundant confidence to move in the world. The Department of Urdu has the aim to make the Youth rational and sensible with moral values. The coming generation is the future of Pakistan and it will play a vital role in making Pakistan a strong nation in a global village. Urdu Language possesses a very valuable treasure of Poetry and Prose. The department is leaving no stone un-turned in equipping the students with vast literary knowledge and is striving hard to keep the country’s cultural values alive.