The Department of Sociology was established in 2014 in Government College Women University Sialkot, offering Bachelors in Sociology. BS Sociology is a four-year degree program. Sociologists are interested in understanding the causes and consequences of different processes of society, such as the social construction of groups and identity; the evolution of culture, inter-subjective meanings, intergroup relations, hierarchies, and social norms. Sociological research involves the study of individual behavior and outcomes, such as educational attainment, jobs and careers, religious commitment, and political involvement; of interpersonal process, such as intimate relationships, gender power relations, social interaction in groups, social networks, and behavior of organizations and institutions; causes and consequences of group differences and social inequality; and social change at the societal and global level.

Mission Statement of Department

The vision of Sociology Department is elaborated through the following mission statement, details of which are presented in the objectives listed below.
Grooming young women to be able to perform well in each societal role, in order to create a ‘prosperous nation’, by equipping them with relevant knowledge, character qualities and life skills required according to local, regional and global contexts.
The mission of the Department of Sociology at GCWUS is to advance the understanding of society, culture and social institutions. This process will lead to the improvement of quality of life, by underpinning the strategic solutions to the societal problems at large. The objective is to prepare the learners to pursue careers within the areas of human services and organizational settings. The academic program will inculcate in the students the spirit of understanding the basic skills used in scientific research; the knowledge of sociological concepts and applications of Sociology in other diverse fields of life. Currently the department is offering the programs of B.S Hons in Sociology

Departmental Objectives

  • To prepare and groom young girls in all aspects of practical life and to train them to perform their social roles such as a student, daughter, professional, wife and mother in a very mature and positive way.
  • To incorporate the message of Islam as envisioned in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan through character building.
  • To create and enhance soft skills in an innovative way, making full use of AV Aids and technology, and inculcate the value of life-long learning.
  • To motivate the youth to use their abilities and potential for promoting peace and prosperity in society.
  • To create a sense of self-awareness amongst students, within a framework of consistent ethics and values.
  • To create an ability to develop and sustain meaningful relationships and a respect and acceptance for diversity
  • To develop an understanding of the importance of inclusion, tolerance and peaceful coexistence for the sake of social sustainability.
  • To develop and groom updated employability skills amongst the students.

Mission Statement of BS Program

To facilitate in shaping innovative minds imbued with the knowledge, ethics, skills and competencies that enable them to contribute in a positive manner in the development of society.

This program is designed both to equip students to undertake independent research across the social sciences, and to develop skills that are of relevance to a broad range of careers in the public and private sector. The cross-disciplinary nature of the program enables students to build their own degree according to their own particular interests and preferences within the broad areas of sociology, drawing on the diverse range of relevant modules. The core module of the program, enables students to use the knowledge and conceptual insights gained to outline ways to solve ‘real world’ problems, thus delivering key skills prized by employers.

  • BS program in Sociology aims to prepare students for diverse career paths. Students with four years degree in sociology will be eligible for careers that value strong analytical skills, problem solving skills, written skills and oral communication skills etc.
  • To provide students with technical and practical knowledge base, qualifying them to pursue post-graduate level education in sociology.
  • To provide students a better understanding about positive aspects of life and how to deal with stressful situations along with coping strategies.
  • To enable students to pursue advanced studies, at the MS/M.Phil. and Ph.D. level, in different fields of Sociology.

BS Sociology Program Objectives

Program educational objectives are intended to be statements that describe the expected accomplishments of graduates during the first several years following graduation from the program.

    • By the end of the course the students will have acquired:
  • Critical thinking and evaluation skills.
  • Conceptual understanding about fundamental concepts of sociology, social problems and institutions and ability of application of sociological interventions to solve the problems in society.
  • Knowledge and understanding of contemporary theoretical, conceptual and empirical debates in the study of governance and policy.
  • Knowledge and understanding of philosophical and methodological debates in the study of social sciences.
  • The skills necessary to design and complete a dissertation on a specialist topic in the field of social sciences.
  • Awareness of the changing nature of the contemporary political world, and the complex challenges presented by phenomena such as globalization.
  • Awareness of the basic theoretical concepts common to advanced study in politics and international relations.
  • Key research skills, such as the ability to search for and reference sources, and to manage complex empirical or theoretical information and the ability to use different softwares for analysis of gathered data.
  • The ability to work in groups.