Poise, grace, elegance, dignity and style! That is what a finishing school is. A finishing school is a program basically intended to teach deportment and etiquette to young ladies as a preparation for their entry into the social setup.

As the name suggests the finishing school course at Govt. College Women University, Sialkot follows the primary academic education and focuses on deportment and etiquette. It is a one month intensive course offering a fresh approach to contemporary social skills and image management. It is taught round the end of final semester (8th). The goal is to enable our students to evaluate social and business situations and to respond with appropriate attire and behavior depending on the variety of cultural circumstances. GCWUS takes tremendous pride in being the only university around equipping the female students (within and without university) with this kind of education for the challenges of the global world.

The idea was propagated by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr, Farhat Saleemi and a team was selected headed by Mrs. Naila Arshad (Director Finishing School). She along with her team narrowed down some vital leadership skills to be instilled in the students. The skills include: IT Skills, The Art of Communication, Personality Development, Ethics, Hobbies and Skills, Dining Etiquette & Cooking and Social Graces.