In 2018 a Child Care Center comprising of just 01 room upgraded to a proper Day Care Center under the umbrella of HEC funded project. Supposition behind the initiation of this center was to help cultivate university female employees with higher job satisfaction by taking care of their child during their job. Day care Center’s philosophy is to create a safe, nurturing, and fun-loving environment for children to learn and grow by considering the specific needs of the children in which each child may develop emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. We want every child at our Day Care Center to have a positive daily experience. We focus on preparing children for kindergarten and then continuing to support them once they become school age. Under the guidance of Vice Chancellor, the university is trying to upgrade the Daycare Center. Students of the Department of Psychology contribute their role in the development of Kid’s leisure and learning skills at Day Care Center to enhance their cognitive, communication, socialization, and self-help skills. It will not only facilitate the University Employees but will also establish a support unit for training and development of the students who intent to pursue careers related to childcare.

Convener Message

The Day Care Center of Govt. College Women University Sailkot is a well-furnished childcare center where we aim to provide our teaching/ non-teaching staff with the best possible services for their kids. Day Care Center provides the services to both Pre-school and School children. Our dedicated Day Care Staff and assistants strives to deliver a positive learning and playing environment, directed towards the individual levels of a child’s development. We believe that the uniqueness and worth of each child are primary and must be enhanced. The GCWUS Day Care Center believes in providing a warm, accepting and stimulating environment place for the children. We believe that children learn through play. A variety of opportunities for play are provided to encourage social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. The development of the concepts underlying these skills provided at each level. We warmly welcome to GCWUS Staff with the provision of excellent option for their kids, who due to work constraints or due to other reasons cannot be with their babies.

Administrative Staff Members

    Dr. Razia Anjum

    Ms. Asfa Rana

    Ms. Shafaq Nawaz

Supporting Staff Members

Sr.# Name Designation
1 Ms. Fakhira Manzoor Attendant
2 Ms. Tasneem Shahid Attendant
3 Ms. Abida Perveen Attendant
4 Ms. Saima Noreen Sweeper

Daycare Center Facilities

1. Microwave Owen 18. Baby Tent House
2. Air Conditioner 19. Study Table
3. Electric Heater 20. Books Identify
4. Fridge 21. Reading Books
5. Stove 22. Writing Notebooks
6. LED 23. Drawing Books
7. UPS 24. Story Books
8. Vacuum Cleaner 25. Shape Sorting House
9. Electric Insect Killers 26. Painting Color + stationary
10. Feeder Warmer 27. Building Blocks
11. Sterilizer 28. Hard Toys
12. Manual Weight Machine 29. Soft Toys
13. Study Room 30. Flour Cousin
14. Nap Room 31. Slides
15. Baby Cort 32. Cuberts + White Board
16. Baby Walker 33. Green Grass Play Area
17. Highchair for Feeding