The department of Business Administration was established in 2010 with the aim of providing students with the intellectual, analytical tools and skills necessary for effectively managing the business enterprises. The department offers BBA and MS programs. The curriculum of these programs is developed to create an understanding of all the aspects of business. Our goal is to provide the highest quality education available. The students will acquire knowledge and sustain continuous improvement to establish our department firmly among Pakistan’s leading Business Administration departments and institutes. We are providing the best quality business education for female students in Sialkot and adjacent cities.


“To produce diverse business intellectuals and entrepreneurs by imparting quality of business education through collaborative environment, innovation, research and knowledge sharing”


“To be a leading business department known for its academic excellence, innovative approach to education, bridging gap between theory and practice and adding value in business and society.”


Business Excellence Initiatives, Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork.

Objectives of Department of Business Administration

Objectives of department of business administration are:

  • To produce best business intellectuals.
  • To produce entrepreneurs through quality business education.
  • To develop analytical and reflective thinking in business graduates.
  • To identifyand analyze the business problems and develop viable alternatives for making effective business decisions.
  • To foster and disseminate best business management practices in a cut-thought competition.
  • To solve the problems of business community through innovative research.
  • To transform the positive impact on society through creativity and entrepreneurship.