The department aims to:

  • Enhance the creative potential of students
  • Enable students to develop their effective communication skills.
  • Familiarize students with linguistics, its sub-branches, applications and relations to other disciplines.
  • Introduce students to the various literary genres of English in their historical, cultural and artistic contexts.
  • Educate students to conceptualize and express ideas analytically and creatively, and to reason critically.
  • Create an environment where teaching and scholarship complement each other at all levels
  • Boast up the confidence level of students by providing them an exposure to different extracurricular activities and talent hunt competitions.
  • This will ultimately help our graduates meet the challenges of their professional careers, their community and national needs, in addition to being aware and appreciative of the language, literature, and cultures of others. We look forward to provide you with exciting opportunities for your academic, creative and professional enrichment.

Prof. Naila Arshad