Politics as well as its study in the form of Political Science are intriguing phenomena that have captured the attention of thinkers and sages since Socrates. Political Science deals with the study of the state, nation, government, politics, and policies of the government. The Department of Political Science is one of the oldest teaching departments at GC Women University Sialkot. Initially Political Science was taught only at intermediate/BA level as compulsory as well as optional course. The department took the initiative of starting BS in Political Science in 2010 and BS International Relations in 2017. Speaking of today, the department is also offering Postgraduate research degree programs, i.e. MS and PhD in Political Science. We aim at promoting the study of politics in its theoretical and operational aspects. The cultivation of such a mind enables the students to deal effectively with the complexities of life regardless of the profession or occupation that they eventually adopt.

Dr. Muhammad Muzaffar
HEC Approved Supervisor
(Head of Dept.)