The Department of English has a pivotal role to play within the University, providing the means for students to reach an advanced level of proficiency in English, as a support subject for other departments, as well as to promote a greater sensitivity to the literary and cultural traditions of the language in a global context. It is one of the largest departments in the university and its aim is to provide all students with the communicative tools they need in order to be successful users of English at an advanced level.

The underlying philosophy of the Department is that all students extend their proficiency in English, both oral and written, and learn about the English language in a global, multicultural context. Fundamental to this is the appreciation of all forms of literature throughout their school life. The department of English is a dynamic faculty of highly qualified and trained professionals. This department offers students the opportunity to master through immersion in the currency of language. The BS and M.A programs in English offer large variety of courses to the students in the area of Literature as well as Linguistics and impart knowledge essential for the management of language. Further, the department of English offers M.Phil. in Linguistics and promotes a research oriented culture among students. A special focus is set on the contemporary issues and their solutions in the fields of Literature as well as in Linguistics. The purpose of the department is to develop analytical, critical, creative and communicative skills among the students to a large extent.

Mission Statement

“To produce diverse business intellectuals and entrepreneurs by imparting quality of business education through collaborative environment, innovation, research and knowledge sharing”

Vision Statement

“To be a well-recognized business department known for its academic excellence, innovative approach to education and building a responsible future for both business and society nationwide

Our Values

Business Excellence Initiatives, Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork.

Objectives of Department of Business Administration

Objectives of department of business administration are:

  • To produce best business intellectuals.
  • To produce entrepreneurs through quality business education.
  • To develop analytical and reflective thinking in business graduates
  • To identifyand analyze the business problems and develop viable alternatives for making effective business decisions.
  • To foster and disseminate best business management practices in a cut-thought competition.
  • To solve the problems of business community through innovative research.
  • To transform the positive impact on society through creativity and entrepreneurship.  

Departmental Organogram