Student’s Affairs office was established at GC Women University, Sialkot on 3rd Feb 2017. This office is meant to provide guidance, counselling and more flexible educational environment to the students. The main purpose of this office is to provide the required support for academic activities as well as to motivate students for personal, social, cultural and cognitive development. It aims to promote curricular and co-curricular activities and help bring student’s hidden potentials and abilities to surface, under this office 20 different societies are working for the leadership qualities of our students. This office also serves as a bridge between administration, academia and students.


  • To foster students’ academic development and create an environment conducive to learning.
  • To create a platform for the students where they can express their views and concerns with the assurance of receiving the best possible guidance and solutions.
  • To provide forums for cultivation of literary and artistic potentials and give them healthy outlets in sports and games, which make their stay on campus, a rich experience of multi-dimensional growth.


  • To provide a supportive and stimulating environment for the enhancement and development of the students at GC Women University Sialkot.