Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies of the university was initially serving as department of Islamic Studies with the establishment of Govt. Degree College for women, Sialkot and teaching the subject of Islamic Studies was also started in the initial stage, which was extended to teach this subject in degree class after its upgradation to degree college in 1951. Classes of postgraduate level was also started in the subject of Islamic Studies after getting it affiliated with the University of the Punjab in 1989. This college was awarded the status of University and was declared Govt. College Women University in 2013 and the program of BS Islamic Studies was launched with other disciplines in the university and then it proceeded to MS Islamic Studies Program in 2014 and finally this department was converted into Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies in 2017 and a short course of Arabic language has been started to promote Arabic language to understand Islamic teachings and to develop global academic, diplomatic and commercial relations in 2018. The Institute has been launched Ph. D program in Fall 2018. The Institute boasts highly qualified Faculty having specializations in different fields of Islamic Studies. The main object of IAIS is to provide quality education and broad vision in Islamic perspective along with cultural and moral values of Islam in grooming and peaceful academic environment which will develop the research attitude, mental integrity and tolerance among new generation. Al Hamdulillah IAIS is now on the road of rapid progress as it has signed MOU with Seerat Study Centre, Sialkot and Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS), Indonesia. Such type of MOUs will develop the research and academic cooperation between the faculty and students of national and International institutions.

Mission Statement

The Govt. College Women University has established the Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies with the same vision and objectives that we may produce such learned scholars for society who have comprehensive & mature understanding of Islam and contemporary issues. The institute aims to produce scholars with a clear and perfect skill in the modern thoughts and academic approaches. These scholars will be able to present Islam in accordance with its real spirit before society. The Institute in particular, wishes to highly promote its educational standards to create research oriented activities in order to meet the requirements of the day.

Mission Statement of BS/MA Programs

To make clear the basic concept of the students through effective teaching of Islamic sciences and Arabic language. The Institute focuses on Quran and its sciences, Hadith & its sciences, Islamic Fiqh, Islamic Jurisprudence and Arabic language & literature to provide valuable Islamic scholars to the society. The institute aims to offer specializations in major disciplines of Islamic studies.