BS Statistics

Eligibility Criteria

  • Duration: 4 Years (8 Semesters)
  • BS 4-year: The candidates seeking admission in BS Statistics program must have:/li>
  • Passed FSc/ICS or equivalent examination with at least 2nd division.
  • Studied mathematics of 200 marks.
  • Students who have studied Statistics will be given preference.

Scope of BS Statistics

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Scheme of Studies

BS Statistics (Morning + Evening Program)

  • BS(4-YEAR) Statistics 2016 AND ONWARD
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
FoundationStat-113Introductory Statistics (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
CompulsoryEng-122English I3(3+0)
CompulsoryPks-100Pakistan Studies2(2+0)
CompulsoryMath-133Math I3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours15(14 + 1)


Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
FoundationStat-111Introduction to Probability and Probability Distributions (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
CompulsoryIsi-100Islamic Stuides2(2+0)
General Basics of Sociology3(3+0)
GeneralCS-100General Introduction to Computer3(2+1)
Total Credit Hours19(18+1)
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
FoundationStat-204Basic Statistical Inference(Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
GeneralStat-214Mathematical Economics I3(3+0)
CompulsoryCS-103Basic Computer Skills3(3+0)
FoundationMath-235Mathematics III3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours16(15+1)
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
FoundationStat-212Introduction to Regression Analysis and Experimental Design (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
FoundationStat-201Applied Statistics3(3+0)
FoundationMath-221Elementary Linear Algebra3(3+0)
GeneralStat-215Mathematical Economics II3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours13(12+1)
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
FoundationStat-319Probability & Probability Distributions I (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
FoundationStat-324Sampling Technique I(Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
MajorStat-309Design & Analysis of Experiment I4(3+1)
MajorStat-318Parametric and Non Parametric Tests (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
Elective Elective I3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours19(16+3)
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
MajorStat-320Probability & Probability Distributions II (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
MajorStat-325Sampling Technique II (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
MajorStat-310Design & Analysis of Experiments II (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
MajorStat-303Basic Econometrics (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
MajorStat-316Multivariate Techniques (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
Total Credit Hours20(16+4)
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
MajorStat-426Statistical Inference-I (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
Major 3Stat-430Time Series Analysis-I3(3+0)
MajorStat-402Applied Econometrics (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
FoundationStat-328Statistical Packages3(3+0)
Elective Elective II3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours17(15+2)
Course CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
MajorStat-427Statistical Inference-II (Theory and Lab)4(3+1)
MajorStat-431Time Series Analysis-II3(3+0)
MajorStat-423Research Project3(3+0)
Elective Elective III3(3+0)
Elective Elective IV3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours16(15+1)


  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Environmental Sciences
  3. Principles of Management & Marketing
  4. Basic Financial Management
  5. History of Human Civilization
  6. Foreign Language other than English
  7. Introduction to Physics
  8. Advanced Calculus
  9. Introduction to Genetics
  10. Introduction to Geography
  11. Mathematical Economics I
  12. Mathematical Economics II
  13. Decision Models


    1. Operations Research
    2. Stochastic Process
    3. Reliability Analysis
    4. Decision Theory
    5. Bio-Statistics
    6. Data Mining
    7. Actuarial Statistics-I
    8. Actuarial Statistics-II
    9. Categorical Data Analysis
    10. Bayesian Inference
    11. Statistical Quality Control
    12. Spatial Data Analysis
    13. Research Methodology

or any other subject depending upon the expertise available

Important note: The Scheme of Studies of BS course can be changed according to the demand of market.