The mission of the Department of Psychology at GCWUS, is to develop and enhance the understanding of behavioral and cognitive processes pertaining to the complex human psyche. This process will lead to the improvement of quality of life by underpinning the strategic solutions to the individual and societal problems at large. The objective is to prepare the students at the bachelor’s and master’s levels to pursue careers within the areas of human services and organizational settings. The academic programs will inculcate the spirit of understanding the basic skills of scientific research and its application; the knowledge of psychological nomenclature and concepts, and applications of Psychology in other diverse fields of life. Currently, the Department of Psychology is offering the programs of BS. (Hons) morning and afternoon program and M.Sc. in Psychology. M.Sc. classes were started in 2015. Department achieved another milestone of BS (Hons), Afternoon Program in 2018.

Our Mission

  • Develop insights among students about how psychological principles can be used to understand and improve lifelong learning, social skills and environment related issues.
  • To expand the growth and strengthen the status of psychology, clinical psychology as a profession in Pakistan and to impart specialized training in this field.
  • To prepare young psychologists, to play an important role to reform the society into a socially integrated society.
  • To promote research suited to our own social cultural milieu in psychotherapy, psychological assessment, diagnostic testing, health psychology, experimental psychology and other related areas.