The Department of Sociology aspires for an ethically, socially and economically female workforce as depicted in the following vision and objectives.
Grooming young women to be able to perform well in each societal role, in order to create a ‘prosperous nation’, by equipping them with relevant knowledge, character qualities and life skills required according to local, regional and global contexts.
The mission of the Department of Sociology at GCWUS is to advance the understanding of society, culture and social institutions. This process will lead to the improvement of quality of life, by underpinning the strategic solutions to the societal problems at large. The objective is to prepare the learners to pursue careers within the areas of human services and organizational settings. The academic program will inculcate in the students the spirit of understanding the basic skills used in scientific research; the knowledge of sociological concepts and applications of Sociology in other diverse fields of life. Currently the department is offering the programs of B.S Hons in Sociology.

Dr. Rashid Hafeez
Incharge Sociology Dept.