Registrar office of GCWU Sialkot acts as a supervisory body and as a support system within University, aiding in the execution and application of rules and regulations, recommendations and other administrative tasks. The foremost goal of GCWU’s registrar’s office is to ensure a balanced and fair working environment with an equal distribution of work. The Registrar’s office is liable to make smooth the academic experience of the students of GCWU, Sialkot, from the registration to their graduation. It helps to manage academic and administrative policies; as well as offer assistance in the development or revision of university policies and procedures.


“To be an essential, established unit that effectively uses technology to enhance accessibility, convenience, & security of academic and administrative records. The unit engages in ongoing efforts to:
empower students, departmental and administrative processes and policy by providing accurate information, instruction, and guidance via multiple communication channels; o collaborate with other units to identify common interests/goals in alignment with university priorities and needs.


The Office of the Registrar provides high-quality service to Students, Faculty, Administrative Staff, Alumni and the Public with the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, efficiency, confidentiality and security.

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