In today’s world media has become one of the necessities of life. The role of media is to provide the latest information about different happenings. It is entrusted with the task of discovering facts. Being fully aware of this role of media, GCWUS constituted the Media WatchSociety on 5Th May, 2015. This society will enable the students to refine their art of information diffusion and critical news analysis. This society will organize: Seminars, Conferences, Debates, Newsletter, Training workshops, Provide coverage to the events in the university.

Aims and Objectives

Following are the objectives of the society:

  • This society aims at promoting healthy news criticism to make the students aware of current affairs
  • To enable the students to have pace with the international society
  • To make the students confident social citizens
  • To polish their critical thinking capabilities
  • To work for social issues and betterment of community
  • To give the students experience of the latest working of leading newspapers and television channels
  • To publicize the achievements of university