Sports are usually forms of competitive games which are organized casually and systematically.Aims of sports is to improve physical and mental skills of students and provide them recreation ,entertainment and refreshment.Sports are tie break games and tie breaking methods to highlight the winner and loser.In this reguard tournament are going to produce champion.


Our vision is to accouter the mental and physical fitness of corrivals and cults.




Sports are source to create positive activities for a good character .It also generate mental, social and leadership qualities.Sports also build up endurance and team work among students.They enhance mental or academic and physical capacities.Improve concept of citizenship.It also cultivates ethical and moral values.It is medically improved that sports sharpen mental and physical abilities of both sences.




Selection committee select the players according to following different procedures (Universities&Colleges players)

  1. Fitness Level
  2. Back ground
  3. Traning Camp


  1. Intercolgiate Level
  2. Inter Sports Board
  3. Pakistan Sports Board
  4. Provisional Level
  5. National Level

Selection method of Universities players:

  1. Intercolgiate
  2. Ineruniversities Championship
  3. All Pakistan Higher Education Comission
  4. World University Games
  5. International Level
  6. South Asian Games
  7. Asia Level
  8. World Championship
  9. Olympic Game


Following are the details of the Sports Achievements of Intermediate Section Team:

    1. Netball Match – (3rd Position) :8th November 2016 Govt. College, Gujranwala.
    2. Volleyball- (Participation) :15th November 2016 Allama Iqbal College, Sialkot.
    3. Tug of War – (1st Runner Up) :16th November 2016 Allama Iqbal College, Sialkot.
    4. Cricket Match – ( 1st Position) :Inter University Iqbal Women Cricket Tournament Govt. College, Women University, Sialkot
    5. Football – (Participation) :9th January 2017 Markaz College, Gujrat
    6. Handball Match – (3rd Position) :14th January 2017 Govt. Post Graduate College for Women, Gujranwala.

Other accomplishments in the months of November and December 2016 include:

  1. 7 Players of Intermediate Section – GCWUS selected in Netball Game for Inter Board Team.
  2. 3 Players of Intermediate Section – GCWUS selected in Handball for Inter Board Team which was held in Multan.
  3. 1 Player completed 5 Thousand Meter Race in Jinnah Stadium Islamabad.
  4. University Team participated in Athletics all Track & field event which was held in Jinnah Stadium Islamabad.
  5. University athletic team win two gold medol in (Discuse throw & 100m race) and bronze medol in Relay race(400*100m)

Sports Classes

Ensuring a healthy body, with a healthy brain, Intermediate Section has initiated dedicated sports classes for all students of Part 1 and Part 2. The Sports In-charge & Physical Education Trainer, Mrs. Atiya trains the Sports Team and Regular Students for different sports like volley ball, football, crickets and hand-ball. The aim of these Sports Classes for all students is to provide them opportunities within the university premises.