Psychosocial Well-being Centre

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to deeply understand every individual, prepare them to overcome the hurdles that hinder their achievements and to share insights and steps of action that could bring hope, healing, and better emotional and psychosocial well-being. Psychosocial Well-being centre is establihsed to provide counselling to all students, faculty, and staff with a vision to empower them to deal effectively with challenges of COVID-19 and other issues in order to improve their quality of life. Although a counselor cannot fix the issues of others, he/she can encourage the process of moving through the process and can facilitate learning healthy life skills to handle the demands of current situation in a productive way.

Our Aims

  • Helping students, faculty and staff to deal effectively with the challenges of COVID-19.
  • Assisting every individual to adjust and adapt to the university life and requirements of current situation.
  • Enhancing the culture of consultancy and help-seeking in the university students.
  • Enriching the educational experience of students by fostering their personal development and self-understanding so that they are more aware of their abilities. As a consequence, they are better at facing the demands of life.
  • Supporting optimistic personalities through individual and group counseling programs.
  • Providing student, faculty and staff with training workshops to help them excel in their studies and social life.
  • Conducting both theoretical and applied studies and research to serve the university and the surrounding community.