Sr. No. List of Ongoing Development projects Cost Rs. In Million Status
Name of the Project (HEC Funded)
1 Essential Facilities, Government College Women University, Sialkot 66.349 In Progress
· Construction of Day Care Centre
· Provision of ICT Facilities and Lab Equipment
· Furniture & Fixture
· Book and Journals
· Operational Transport
2 Strengthening of Infrastructure and Academic Program of GC Women University Sialkot 1395.133 In Progress
· Construction of 1st Floor of Academic Block
· Construction of 1st Floor of Student Hostel
· 18 Flats of Grade 1 to 18
· Library (G+1)
· Day Care Center
· External Development (Roads, Sewerage System and Overhead Electricity)
· Land Scaping
· Furniture & Fixture
· ICT Equipment
· Lab Equipment
3 Establishment of Kamyab Jawan Markaz at GC Women University Sialkot 4.747 In Progress
· Furniture & fixture
· Computer and Other equipment
Name of the Project (Govt. of Punjab/ HED Funded)
4 Construction of Building GC Women University, Sialkot on Acquired Piece of Land at Sialkot. 2072.58 In Progress
· Admin Block (Ground Floor)
· Academic Block
· Academic Block old Campus G+2
· Student Hostel Ground Floor
· Faculty Hostel 02 Nos (G + 2 Floor)
· Cooking Hall/Kitchen
· Canteen and Medical Center
· Over Head Reservoir (OHR)
· VC Residences
· Boundary Wall
· Guard Rooms 05Nos
· Equipment and Accessories, ICT Facilities, Books and Journals, Furniture and Fixtures, Transport facilities.
· Project Implementation Unit.
· Resident Supervision Charges
· Shifting of existing utility services at site such as Sui Gas, Electric Lines, Sewer Lines
· Wapda and Sui Gas Connection.
· Landscaping
Project Funded from University Resources
5 Construction of Drainage and Water Collection Tank of R.C.C for Raining Water at the front of the GC Women University Sialkot’ 0.573 Completed
6 Work of Office of the Director Academic and Director Students affairs and Smart Class Room along with Equipment Room at GC Women University Sialkot’ 1.948 Completed
7 Construction of Tuff Tile Road with Student Hostel alongwith Play Ground at GC Women University Sialkot’ 1.99 In Progress
8 Establishment of Guest House at GC Women University Sialkot 3.743 In Progress
9 Construction of Rain Water Reservoir on cost sharing basis with WWF 1.437 In Progress
10 Construction of Student Service Center at GC Women University Sialkot 40 Designing Phase