The Library at Govt. College Women University has the distinction of being first ever Public Sector University library in Sialkot. The University Library supports academic and research activities in the University. More than just books and computers, library is a place where individuals gather to explore, interact, and contemplate.

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Sr.# Name Designation Email Tel.Phone
01 Mr. Nusrat Ali Deputy Librarian 052 9250651 Ext. 143
02 Ms. Mamoona Najam Librarian Ext. 143
03 Ms. Kamila Rafique Assistant Librarian Ext: 143
04 Ms. Sobia Shafique Library Assistant Ext: 143
05 Ms. Noshaba Amin Library Clerk Ext: 143

These rules have been made for the benefit of all library users and co-operation in observing these rules is essential for the common good. Only registered users can avail the facilities of the library. Please read these rules carefully, as ignorance of them is not accepted as an excuse for non-observance.

All library users (regular students, faculty & administrative staff) are expected to observe the following rules while using the library facilities; any violation of these rules will incur appropriate disciplinary action.

  1. Leave your personal belongings such as handbags, briefcases, personal books, notes etc., outside the library entrance on personal responsibility.
  2. Members are supposed to leave the library materials on tables after consulting/reading.
  3. Submit any book or object for inspection, when requested by the library staff.
  4. Do not write, underline or mark any book. Library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for the damage. In case of severe damage, you’ll have to return a new copy of the book (same print) or pay two times the current price.
  5. Don’t write and scratch the library furniture, in case of irreversible damage, you’ll be fined.
  6. Talking, sleeping, eating, drinking, smoking, and moving the library furniture are strictly prohibited.
  7. Discussions are not allowed in the library.
  8. After reading, leave books on the table or on the book trolley. Please do not shelve the books.
  9. Keep your mobiles off within the library premises.
  10. Do not misbehave with the library staff.
  11. Make sure you have provided correct information while filling your library membership form.
  12. Report about lost books or other materials to the library immediately to avoid fine.
  13. A fine of Rs.5000 would be charged in case of stealing library material.
  14. In case of lost Library Card, please immediately report to the circulation staff so that your membership is temporarily blocked to prevent misuse of the Library Card. Once you get a replacement, please inform circulation staff so that your memberships can be re-activated.
  15. Seek the help of the library staff if you are unable to find your required material.
  16. The users should collect their book return slips and keep them safe. In case of any ambiguity, the return slips are the only proof.
  17. Members are supposed to use their laptops only for academic purpose.
  18. The Librarian is authorized to withdraw library facilities from any member who is found misusing the library material or facilities.
  19. In case of any disciplinary violations, user will be given two warnings. Despite the warnings, if the user repeats the same attitude, Rs.200 would be charged on the first violation and Rs.500 on the second violation. In case of continuation of violations, the issue may be referred to the Library/Disciplinary Committee.
  20. Library membership could be suspended or canceled along with a penalty in the following cases:
  1. Nonpayment of library fine(s)
  2. Theft of library material(s)
  3. Nonpayment of damage fine
  4. None returning of the temporary issued material (newspapers, journals, magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias etc.) within due time
  5. Any kind of disturbance in library
  6. Misconduct with the library staff

Sr.# Name of Category No. of Books Time Period (Days)
01 Regular Faculty 10 30 Days
02 Regular Administrative Staff 05 30 Days
03 Contractual Faculty 10 30 Days
04 Visiting Faculty 05 30 Days
05 Regular BS/MA/MSc Student 02 7 Days
06 Regular MPhil/MS Scholar 05 15 Days
06 Regular PHD Scholar 05 15 Days

There are two categories of books in the library: Standard books and Reference books. Following policies pertain to these categories:

  1. Standard books are regular items which can be borrowed by any library user (patron) for a time frame mentioned in the table above.
  2. Books can only be renewed for a further 2 times, if another user has not reserved them.
  3. Overdue books will not be re-issued until the fine is paid.
  4. Two copies of same title will not be issued.
  5. Non-issuable materials such as reference books, magazines, journals are not checked out.
  6. Under exceptional circumstances, reference book can be borrowed for 24 hours.
  7. All issued books must be returned to the library by the due date. In case of overdue books, a fine will be charged, as mentioned in the fine policy.
  8. Books will only be issued to the person appearing at the circulation desk. You cannot borrow a book under someone else’s name.

In order to support fair usage and optimal sharing of the collection, borrowed books can be reserved. If you need a book which has already been borrowed by someone else, you can request a reservation. Library staff maintains a reservation queue for borrowed items. Simply ask the library staff to place your name in the queue. You must also provide a valid email address so that you could be notified once the book is returned. Following policies apply:

  1. You cannot reserve the same book which has already been issued to you. If no one else reserved the book, you can get it re-issued on the day of return.
  2. Reserved book will be issued to the one who is topmost in the reservation list.
  3. If you have reserved a book, it is your responsibility to contact the circulation desk on its day of return. Library staff will wait for you till 12:00 noon next working day. If you do not appear, your name will be removed from the queue. The book will then be issued to the next person in the queue or to someone else if thereis no one else in the queue.
  4. Any change in the contact details (address, phone number, e-mail) must be reported to the Library immediately.

    • Monday – Friday (8:00 AM – 4.00 PM)
    • Break of “Jumma Prayer & lunch” from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM on Friday

To enjoy the facilities offered by the Library, the students/faculty/staff should submit library registration form; the students are advised to keep their Library Cards with them.
Change of address/telephone no, e-mail address must be reported to librarian immediately.

In order to get library clearance users have to;

  1. Return all borrowed books
  2. Pay outstanding library fines

Note:  The library clearance will be marked only by the Librarian or In-charge Library. No other library staff is authorized to sign the clearance form.

The library acquires variety of instructional and other learning resources to support the academic and research programs offered at Govt. College Women University, Sialkot. Resources are arranged into various sections according to the specific nature of material. The collection holds approximately 30,000 books.

The general collection comprises wide variety of old and new books of patron’s interests.

Reference collection includes Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Almanacs and Bibliographies on several topics.

Due to limited copies of textbooks, borrowing of these books is limited to some definite period of time. It consists of the textbooks, read-outs and photocopies of the articles recommended as course readings.

Library maintains separate collection of books published in Urdu. This collection consists of Urdu Literature, Seerat-un-Nabi (P.B.U.H), Islamic Philosophy, Theology, Islamic History and Translations of the Holy Quran.

Library maintains collection of theses/dissertations/projects produced by students of final years graduating classes.






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Circulation Service

    1. All registered users with valid Library Card are eligible for library loans with varying borrowing privileges. Library materials on reserve, periodicals, and reference, Govt. publications and CD’s etc. cannot be borrowed.

Reference Service

    1. The Reference Desk helps researchers in locating information by using the print and electronic resources. The reference tools like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Atlases etc., are placed in this section. These books can be consulted within the library.
    2. The books  borrowed by any member can be reserved by another one. Reserved items will be held at circulation desk for 2 days. Faculty may be given priority in this regard.

Searching Assistance

    1. If the required item is not found on the shelf, searching assistance can be requested at circulation desk.
    2. Orientation programs are conducted to enable the users to use the library. The orientation programs at the time of fresh admissions are conducted each year.

Facts at Glance

  1. Resources
    1. Total Volume: 26967
    2. Audio/Video Materials: 55
    3. Journals and Periodicals: 28
  2. Circulation Count
    1. Total Annual Issuance: 69000
    2. Daily Average Issuance: 230
    3. Total Average Return: 58500
    4. Daily Average Re tuning: 195
  3. Library Gate Count
    1. Per Day: 300
    2. Per Year: 90000

Sr.# Description Click to Download
01 Student Membership Form
02 Library Membership Form for Regular Faculty
03 Patron’s Clearance Checklist
04 Book Lost & Paid Form
05 Book Requisition Form
06 Complaint & Suggestion Form
07 Query Request Form

Sr.# Journal Editor ISSN
01 Tehqeeqi Jareeda Dr. Muhammad Afzaal Butt
Chairperson Department of Urdu
01 Orient Research Journal of Social Sciences (ORJSS) Dr. Humaira Masood Dar
HOD Department of Political Science
ISSN Print 2616-7085
ISSN Online 2616-7093
01 Al-IlM Dr. Syeda Sadia
HOD Department of IAIS
ISSN-NO Online : 2618-1142
ISSN-NO Print: 2618-1134

Mr. Munib Iqbal (Grandson of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal) donated books and audio/visual materials/ rare photographs of Allama Iqbal to establish Iqbal Corner in Library.

Library successfully completed following project;
Details of the Project:

Title Up gradation of Library
Department Library & Learning Resource Centre
Grant 3 Million
Completion Date November 2018

Sr.# Title Date
01 One Day Hands-on Training on Available E-Resources 24.04.2017
02 One Day Hands-on Training on IEEE Xplore & IEEE Xplore Challenge 15.01.2018

Sr.# Fact Details
01 Resources
  • Total Volumes: 30000
  • Audio/Video Materials: 200
  • Journals and Periodicals/Magazines: 96
02 Circulation Count
  • Daily Average Issuance: 120
  • Daily Average Retuning: 90
03 Library Gate Count
  • Per Day: 300