Sr# Activities View
01 Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow: Seminar and Panel Discussion
02 Urbanization Around the globe: A pictorial Presentation
03 A project based on personality development activities for Thalassemia patients by Students of the Sociology department, GCWUS
04 Stationary Donations in the Village School
05 Awareness Campaign on Women’s Rights
06 One-Day Workshop on Academic Writing
07 BoS Meeting of the Department of Sociology
08 International Webinar on Eliminating Gender Based Violence Through Women Education
09 Development of training manual on awarness of child abuse and gave session to the children in the local school voluntarily
10 The cleanliness of the mosque in University which includes tagging on the shelves, binding of books and arrangement of prayer mats
11 Awareness of proper food storage , placements of food boxes
12 Deewar e Ahsaas , in which students can put clothes and deserving people can take things from the wall without hesitation
13 Training workshop on How to use EndNote software
14 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)