Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow : Seminar and Panel Discussion

International Women Day observance was in recognition and celebration of the women and girls who are leading the society through their achievements in every walk of life and to honour their leadership and contribution towards a sustainable future.
In the year 200 leaders from 189 countries agreed on a vision for the new millimuim. They made a list of 8 goals which they were aimed to achieve in 15 years. They were called MDG’s or millimnium development goals. Countries have worked excessively to reach the milinium agenda. Mush progress was made but much was needed to fulfil. In year 2015, they agreed on a new set of goals. They were called SDG’s or Sustainable development goals.

One of the Goal is goal 5, which is gender equality. Gender equality should be a fundamental right but girls and women are not treated equally in countries all around the word for plenty of reasons. Society plays a big part in how gender roles are assigned. The values the core believes and inherited customs that govern how people behave can be discriminatory and limit how women live their lives. If we talk about current scenario women are now gradually be seeing. Abuse neglect domestic violence pay gaps are some of the issues to mention. Head of department Dr M. Umair Ashraf greeted and welcomed everyone. He said that gender equality is related to many factors. It is cultural, religious and economical etc. He further emphasised that it is very important to break the bias from the society. A panel discussion was held in which .Dr.Ummara Rauf highlighted the psychological problems faced by women at their work place. Ms. Shamsa Kanwal emphasized on the importance of giving rights to person who are differently able. Ms. Kalsoom said that Islam has given equal rights to men and women and every gender has its own roles and obligations.

At the end worthy Vice Chancellor Prof Dr.Rukhsana Kausar said that women are now very active and are participating in different fields of life. It is important to realise what your abilities and strengths are. The more capable you are, the more success you will get. She also said students to set clear boundaries, focus on studies and be an example for your own community and city so that people can get inspiration from you and send their daughters to school, college and university.