The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stark reminder of the importance of Psychosocial well-being, so establishment of Psychosocial well-being Centre at university is an important step to provide support to all students, faculty and staff which they need to cope with demands of COVID-19 specifically and to achieve excellence in all other aspects that are associated with the personal as well as university life. This is a first point of contact if a student, faculty and staff is experiencing academic problems, adjustment issues and emotional or psychosocial concerns. The counsellor can help them discover new ways of dealing with challenges of COVID-19 and to gain control over thoughts and emotions. Psychosocial well-being Centre at University is providing an opportunity to share their concerns, thoughts and feelings in a safe place and help them to overcome any academic, emotional, or personal hurdles to empower them to draw on their passions, lead a life full of success and happiness and to reach their full potential.