• The core objective is to provide a professional counselling service for educational,social and emotional issues that may inhibit personal or professional performance and advancement.
  • Career counseling center will provides consultation of internships and placements
  • To develop qualities that help students make better decisions and self-discovery.
  • To provide the students the opportunity to choose a profession that fits their temperament, life objectives, and set of talents.
  • Assist students in selecting the best appropriate program specialty in the regional context./li>
  • Assisting the students in developing more self-awareness and decision-making ability to choose occupations that are compatible with their interests, values, skills, and personality types.
  • Connecting people to resources so they can learn more about careers and professions.
  • Supporting people in becoming dynamic leaders, managers, researchers, and decision-makers while remaining composed during career changes and managing several responsibilities in order to become lifelong learners and scholars.