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ISSN-NO Online : 2618-1142
ISSN-NO Print: 2618-1134

“AL-ILM” is a trilingual (Arabic, Urdu, English) research journal of the Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Govt. College Women University, Sialkot, which is published biannually from 2017. This has been issued on paper and is being issued electronically from 2018 onward. This journal publishes the innovative and creative research articles related to different aspects of Islam. However, the Socio- Religious Papers related to Contemporary issues of the Muslim World will be highly appreciated.
The main aim and goal of “AL-ILM” is to promote quality research in areas of Islamic Studies in Arabic, Urdu and English. The major features of “AL-ILM” are to conduct the research on contemporary issues related to Quran and Uloom ul Quran, Hadith and Uloom ul Hadith, Fiqh and Uloom ul Fiqh, Seerat ul Nabi and Fiqh ul Seerah and other relevant branches of Islamic Studies.Another objective of “AL-ILM” is to facilitate researchers and the scholars of Pakistani and foreign universities to publish and promote their research output internationally. The Journal will provide the guidelines for public and specially the researchers to enhance their knowledge and skills to discuss and analyze the contemporary issues and find its solution. “AL-ILM” strictly follows the rules and regulations set by HEC for journals.


ISSN-NO Online : 2618-1142 ISSN-NO Print : 2618-1134

Scope of the Journal

AL-ILM considers all research articles and manuscripts of English, Urdu and Arabic language. This Journal deals with all research articles on Social, Economic, political and Religious issues. It also analyzes the standard and scope of the books published related Islamic sciences in English, Urdu and Arabic languages and publishes its review sent to the advisory board by the authors for this purpose.

Mission Statement

The mission of AL-ILM is standardization of the research on the sciences of Islam. AL-ILM is to facilitate researchers and scholars in universities of Pakistan and abroad for their publications. The Journal will provide the guidelines for public and specially the researchers to enhance their knowledge and skills to discuss and analyze the contemporary issues and find its solution. AL-ILM strictly follows the rules and regulations set by HEC for journals.

1 Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kousar Patron –in- Chief Vice Chancellor (GCWUS)
2 Prof. Naila Arshad Parton In-charge Dean Arts & Social Sciences(GCWUS)
3 Dr. Syeda Sadia Editor Incharge, Institue of Arabic and Islmaic Studies.(GCWUS)
4 Ms. Sameea Mujahid Sub Editor (GCWUS)  
5 Iqra Khalid Sub Editors (GCWUS)
6 Sumreen Aftab Sub Editors (GCWUS)
1 Prof. Dr. Yasin Mazhar Siddiqi Ex Director Shah Wali Allah Research centre Ali Ghar University India.
2 Prof. Dr. Syed Salman Nadvi Ex. Dean Faculty of Arts, Durban University, South Africa.
3 Prof. Dr. Ismail Ibrahim Jaffer Chairman, Department of Religious Studies University of South Africa
4 Prof. Dr. Israr Ahmad Khan Religious Faculty Social Sciences University of Ankara, Turkey
5 Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ali Department of Usool-ul-Din International Islamic University, Malaysia
6 Prof. Dr. Abdullah Ihsan Department of Political Science & International Relations Istanbul Sehir University, Dargos Campus, Turkey
7 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Karim Department of History State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijga Yogyakarta, Indonesia
8 Dr. Dicky Sofjan Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies, Indonesia University of Gadja Mada, Indonesia
9 Dr Muhammad Abdul Razaq Aswad Associate Professor, Sunah & Uloom ul Sunah, Faculty of Ethical Education Imam Abdul Rehman Bin Faisal University, Dmam, Saudi Arabia
10 Dr. Noor Mohammad Osmani Associate Professor , Department of Qur’an & Sunnah Studies IIU ,Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
11 Dr. Alimatul Qibtiyah Associate Professor, Faculty of Dawah & Communication Islamic State University, Yogarta, Indonesia
12 Dr. Aminuddin Hassan Associate Professor, Department of Foundations of Education Uvinersiti Putra Malaysia
13 Dr. Zubair Zafar Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies Ali Garh Muslim University, India
14 Dr. Wael Ali Syed Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education Ain ul Shamas University, Qahira, Egypt
15 Dr Muhammad Rafiq Habib President British Council of Islamic Guidance Glasgow, England
16 Dr. Alhagi Manta Fellow Higher Education Academy & Fellow Royal Society of Arts England
17 Dr. Hafiz M. Muneer Al-Azhari President Kareemiya Institute Research Department England
1 Prof. Dr. Qibla Iyaz Chairman Islamic Ideology Council, Islambad
2 Prof. Dr. Jamila Shaukat Professor of Emirates, Institute of Islamic Studies University of Punjab, Lahore
3 Prof. Dr. M. Hammad Lakhvi Dean Faculty of Islamic Studies University of the Punjab, Lahore
4 Prof. Dr. Syed Sultan Shah Dean Faculty of Languages Islamic & Oriental learning, Govt. College University, Lahore
5 Prof. Dr. Abdul Ali Achakzai Dean of Social Sciences Blochistan University, Quetta
6 Prof. Dr. Hamayun Abbas Shams Ex Dean Islamic & Oriental Studies Govt. College University, Faisalabad
7 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saad Siddiqui Director Institute of Islamic Studies University of Punjab, Lahore.
8 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ejaz Director Shaikh Zayid Islamic Center University of Punjab, Lahore
9 Prof. Dr. Miraj ul Islam Zia Ex Chairman Department of Islamic Studies Pashawar University,Pashawar
10 Prof. Dr. Abdul Qudoos Sohaib Ex Chairman Department of Islamic Studies Bhauddin Zakariya University, Multan.
11 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Saleh Sheikh Zayad Islamic Centre Punjab University, Lahore
12 Dr. Shah Moeen-ud – Din Hashmi Chairman Department of Hadith & Seerah Allama Iqbal Open University,Islamabad
13 Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sajjad Chairman, Department of Inter Religion Dialogue Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad
14 Dr. Syed Abdul Ghaffar Bukhari Chairman Department of Islamic Studies National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad
15 Dr. Hafiza Shahida Parveen Chairperson Seerat Chair Gender Studies & Women Rights/ Associate Professor Institute of Islamic Studies, University of Punjab, Lahore
16 Dr. Asia Shabeer Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies Lahore College Women University, Lahore
17 Dr. Nasirudin Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies University of Karachi, Karachi
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“AL-ILM” is a multilingual (Arabic, Urdu, English) Bi-Annual Research Journal of the Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Govt. College Women University, Sialkot. This journal publishes the innovative and creative research articles related to different aspects of Islam. However, the Socio- Religious Papers related to Contemporary issues of the Muslim World will be highly apricated.

Manuscript Submission

Submit two copies of the manuscript along with a soft copy (CD) to the Editor. Manuscripts should not be submitted via Fax; e-mail may be used to transmit papers. To facilitate academic review and production, authors must provide their complete name, address, phone number(s), current position/title, and name(s) of universities on the title page.
Manuscripts will be considered for publication only if they have not been published previously and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The Review Procedure

Manuscripts that are submitted to “AL-ILM’’ are subject to evaluation by at least two independent referees (including one from technologically advanced countries) who are expert in the applicable field. The decision to accept or reject a manuscript rests solely with “AL-ILM’’ Editorial Board. This decision is final. The Editorial Board will, however, base its decision primarily upon the recommendations of the referees who have evaluated the papers.



Format Requirements



  1. General Requirements:

    Unsolicited Manuscripts must be written in English/Urdu/Arabic. Type the manuscript on white bond paper, 8-1/2×11 inches (21.6×27 cm or A4 size paper) with margins of at least 1.5 inches (4cm). Type on one side of the paper only double spacing every page. Begin each of the following section on separate page and in the following order: Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Results, Discussion, and References. Number the pages of the research paper consecutively, beginning from the title page. Type the page number in the upper right-hand corner of each page in English, and in the upper left-hand corner of each page in Urdu and Arabic.
    Articles must be submitted in MS Word, (For Urdu Article Jameel Noori Nasta’leeq, For Arabic Muhammadi Qura’n, Font Size 14 and for English in Times New Roman, Font Size 12). The numbers of the pages must be between 10 to 15.

  2. Abstracts:

    Provide an abstract the paper on a separate page which must not consist more than 150 words. This abstract should consist of labeled background, Methods, Results and Conclusion, briefly describing respectively, the problem, mode of its study, results, conclusion and suggestions.

  3. Introduction:

    State the primary information of the topic and rationalize its study.

  4. Key Words:

    Include the Key Words relating to the article subject.

  5. Results:

    Provide the results of study in logical sequence in the text.

  6. Discussion:

    Emphasize the new and important aspects of the study and describe its conclusions. Link the conclusions with the goals of the study and avoid the conclusions not completely supported with valid references.

  7. References:
    • The Article should meet the research standards.
    • Text and references must follow the format outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style i.e.:
      1. Bukhari, Abu Abdullah , Muhammad Bin Ismaeel, Al Jama’e Sahih, chapter: Al salah , Sub Chapter : Salah tul Jummah, Hadees No: 370, Dehli karkhana, Tijarat kutub , 1938.
      2. References should be at the end of the article (Endnote)

    All footnotes citing books must contain the complete title, name of the author(s), place of publication, publishing company, and date. All foreign words must be underlined and transliterated. IAIS reserves the right to change the transliteration of all historical names, titles, and non-English terminology to bring conformity with its own style

  8. Book Review:

    For book review three copies of the book are required. Critical views will be appreciated and welcomed with open arms.

  9. Translitration Table:

    Click to View/Download Translation Table



For Correspondence:

Editor“AL- ILM” Dr Sayeda Sadia
Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Govt. College Women University,
Publisher: Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Govt. College Women University, Sialkot. Pakistan
Editor. “ AL- ILM”


Dear Researchers!
Hope, by the grace of Allah Almighty, you will be in best of health. It is my pleasure to inform you that we are launching “Bi-Annual Research Journal Al-Ilm” This scholarly journal will be published and hosted by Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, GCWU, Sialkot. Al.Ilm Biannual Research Journal will appear according to HEC, Pakistan’s standards of high quality research. Authors are invited to submit their research papers relevant to all areas of Islamic learning and related branches of knowledge. The journal is trilingual (Urdu, English and Arabic), so you may write your papers in any of these languages. All Papers should contain comprehensive abstracts and conclusions and must be written in Microsoft word format. Detailed Reference style for submissions in Al-Ilm must be according to the style mentioned in the instructions for authors. Kindly send your manuscripts on along with its 3 hard copies to the editor.

We will be thankful for your intellectual contribution to our journal.
With Well Wishes and Warm Regards

Dr. Sayeda Sadia
Bi-Annual research Journal Al-Ilm, GCWU, Sialkot
+92 333 4914041

Manuscripts that are submitted to “AL-ILM’’ are subject to evaluation by at least two independent referees (including one from technologically advanced countries) who are expert in the applicable field. The decision to accept or reject a manuscript rests solely with “AL-ILM’’ Editorial Board. This decision is final. The Editorial Board will, however, base its decision primarily upon the recommendations of the referees who have evaluated the papers.

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Sr.# Title Author Download
Volume 5 – Issue 1 – 2021
00 Advisory & Editorial Boards
01 Ahde Nabwi ka Makkī Nazmām e Talīm our us ki Asrī Manwiyāt Muhammad Yaqoob Ghondal, Dr. Muhamad Shahid
02 Naimatul Bāri Fī Sharah Shahih Bukhāri: Ek Mūtlaya Dr. Muhammad Atif Aslam Raoo
03 Qurán e Kareem ka Khasōsi Zoaq Rakhny walay Sahāba Karám ki Tarbiyat ka Manhaj e Nabwī Ali Tariq
04 Khawatēn ki Talīm ka Nabwi Manhaj aur Asri Taqāzy ( Fiqh us Seerah ki Roshni Main Itlāqi Mutalya) Fakhra Tahseen, Samreen Aftab
05 Hadith Husn e Lighairīhī ki Hujjiyat our Sharāit, Jamhōr Muhaditheen kay Aqwal ki Roshni Main Dr. Shahzada Imran Ayub, Dr. Malik Kamran
06 Urdu Seerat Nigāri Main Mōjzāt ky Kalāmi Mubāhis ka Mutalya Shumaila Ishaaq, Dr. Shah Mueen ud din Hashmi
07 Al-Fiqh al-Islami wa Adilatahu Main Biyān Karda Fiqhī Tarjihāt or Muasarēn ki Aráa Hina Mahboob, Dr. Abdu Basit Khan
08 Islamī Mulk Main Aqliyato ki Qadīm our Nayi Ibadatgahein: Aik Shar̒i Tajziya Muhammad Abu Bakr, Dr. Saeed Ahmad
09 Al-Taleeqat Ala Bazl-al-Majhd Main Sheikh Zikriya kay Fiqhi Aslōb ka Tahqēqi Jaiza Muhammad Inamullah, Prof. Dr. Muhamad Ijaz
10 Imaam Tahāwi ka Qīyas kay Zariye Ikhtalaf e Hadith Dōr krny ka Aslōb Dr. Muhammad Waris Ali
11 DNA say Mutaliq Fuqaha ka Muwaqqif Our Asri Samāji Masail: Sahaba Karām ky Ijtahadāt ky Tanazur Main Tahqēqi wa Tanqēdi Mutlaya Muhammad Arshad Zia, Prof. Dr. Tahira Basharat
12 Credit, Debit Aur Charge Card kay Zariye hony Waly Muasir Māli Muamlaat ka Sharyi Jaiza Hafiz Muazam Shah, Dr Muhammad Anaz Rizwan
13 Harōf e Muqattāt : Hirschfeld Aur Edward Goosen’s kay Afkār ka Tajziyati Mutalya Dr. Syeda Maryam Shah, Dr. Sumera Rabia
14 Sarmayadarana Nizām ki Taqdēmi Asās our Asri Manwiyyat Zimmedarian ( Seerat un Nabi ki Roshni Main) Dr. Abdul Ghaffar, Muhammad Sadiq
15 Al Mustalahāt ul Quraniya Enda Bervez (Dirasat e Tahliliya) Dr. Abubakar، Dr. Sabahat Afzal
16 Tadreīs –ul-Lughāt ul Arabiya Fi Fasōl il Iftraziyyata Indal Intisharil Ayobiate (Wabaa Corona Anmozajaa) Dr. Lubna Farah/td>
17 Al-Kutub ul Muallafati Hawl ul Adiyatin Nabwiya Dr. Salma Shahida
18 مساھمات الصحابیات یف کیان الفنون واالدب Dr. Imrana Shahzadi, Dr. Iftakhar Ahmad Khan
19 Examining the role transnational Muslim faith-based NGOs in COVID-19 response in Pakistan: A case of two German faith-based NGOs Dr Ali Zaidi
20 Study of Family Life Education in Pakistan: A Substantial Endorsement in Islamic Way Lubna Imran، Dr. Mohsina Munir
21 Religious Pluralism in Pakistan: A Necessity for the Peace to Combat Violence and our Responsibilities Dr. Muhammad Kalimullah، Dr. Naseem Mahmood
22 Gold is a Suitable and Stable Money: An Analytical Study Shagufta Hafeez، Dr. Asia Rashid
23 Census In The Light Of Hadith Literature Shazia Majeed، Dr. Muhammad Sultan Shah
24 Advisory & Editorial Board In English
Volume 4 – Issue 2 – 2020
00 Advisory & Editorial Boards
01 Seerat e Rasool (S.A.W) ki Asri Manwiyat aur Ummat e Muslima ki Zimmedarian Dr Muhammad Yaseen Mazhar Saddiqui
02 Azdwaji Hamahangi ka Tasawur, Fiqh u Seerah ky Tanazur Main Dr Kalsoom Paracha
03 Islah e Bain uz Zojeen ki Qurani Taleem aur Pakistani Samaj main Talaq ky Roz Afzon Rujhanat (Seerat un Nabi (S.A.W) ka Ikhtasasi Mutalya) Dr Asim Naeem & Dr Sayada Sadia
04 Arab Samaj Main Larkiyo Ki Zinda Tadfeen ky Amal ko Rokny waly Musaliheen: Tareekhi Tahqeeqi Mutalya Dr Usman Ahmad
05 Yateemo k Waali Dr Hafiz Muhammad Saad ullah
06 Muslam Aqliyat ky Aham Aaeli Masail aur Un ka Hal (Taleemat e Nabwi k Tanazur Main) Dr Naseem Mahmood & Sameea Mujahid
07 Muslim Aqliyat ky Samaji Muamlaat (Fiqh us Seerah ka Atlaaqi Mutalya) Dr Muhammad Arshad & Sidra Firdos
08 Khidmat e Khalaq Ka Tasawur aur Amal-Taaleemat e Seerat ka Itlaqi Mutalya Dr Ahmad Raza & Muhammad Yousaf
09 Asri Takseeri Samaj ky Masail; Nojwano ka Kirdar aur Zimmedarian (Fiqh us Seerah ki Roshni Main Tajziati Mutalya) Dr Samina Sadia
10 Istahkam e Muasharat Main Youth Development Ka Kirdaar ) Mutalya Seerat ki Roshni Main) Zulabia Iqbal & dr Mohsina
11 Basat e Nabvi sy Qabal Makki Samaaj per Muaahida Hilf ul Fazool ky Asraat aur is ki Asri Manawiyat Dr Hafiz Muhammad Sani & Bakhtshaid
12 Nabi Akram (S.A.W) ky Samaaji Taluqaat aur Muaasir Takseeri Muashary ky Liye Rahnuma Asool Dr Muhammad Mansha Tayyab & Dr Muhammad Afzal
13 “Dalaail un Nabuwwa: Moojzat e Rasool ka Encyclopedia” ka Khasoosi Mutalya Asma Azeez & Dr Umer Hayat
14 Asre Hazir Main Mazloom Muslim Muhajreen aur Muslim Mumalik ki Zimmedarian ( Seerat un Nabi ki Roshni Main) Dr Noor Hayat
15 Seerat e Khatamu nnibiyyin kay biyan main Sahaif e Samaviya ki Tasdiqi Noyiat Sayeda Maryam Shah
16 Assas o Tatbeeqat Manhaj ur Rasool ullah Fi Tarbiyat ul Banat e Fi Marhalatil Murahiqa Dr Kafait Ullah Hamdani & Dr Hafiz Haris Saleem
17 Nabiyyina Muhammad (S.A.W) Ka Mufassir Lil Quran il Kareem Dirasaat e Tahleeliyat e Mozooiya Dr Sayed Asif Mahmood & Dr Samee Ullah Zubairi
18 Principles of an Ideal Matrimonial Life: A Solution to Contemporary Marital Issues in the Light of Sīrah of Prophet Muḥammad (SAW) Dr. Muhammad Saeed Sheikh & Rizwan Rasheed
19 Contemporary Reading of the Sirah:Textuality and Contextuality Dr Dicky Sofjan
20 Advisory and Editorial Board in English Dr Dicky Sofjan
Volume 4 – Issue 1 – 2020
00 Advisory & Editorial Boards
01 Tafseer e Quran Aur Dalaalat e Siyaaq Dr. Noreen Butt
02 Naboowat o Risaalat Say Mutaelik “Tibyaan Alfurqaan” Kay Kalaami Mubaahas Ka Jaaiza Hafiz Shokat & Saeed Ahmad Saeedi
03 Tareekh Alkabeer” Ka Taaruf Aur Is Mai Imam Buhari Ka Manhaj o Asloob Rizwan Ali & Zahoor ullah Alazhari
04 Seerat ul Nabi (Saw) Kalaam e Iqbal Kay Aaenay Mai Shagufta Firdous & Yasmeen
05 Euthanasia Ki Akhlaaqi Hesiiyat: Tajaziyati Motaaleh Maryam Saleem & Sumaira Rabia
06 Sharaah Al Shaatbiyaa Limulaa Ali Qari : Taarufi, Tajaziyati o Taqabali Motaaleh Hafiz Hassan & Humayun Abbas
07 Moeaasharti Msaalehat Mai Hail Rakawaten Aur In Ka Tadaruk Seerat Tayeebah Ki Roshani Mai Hafiz Muhammad Shafique & Muhammad Arshad
08 Bain Al Msaalik Hm Aahangi Kay Asool wa Hasool e Eitehaad Kay Lie Tajaaweez Allouddin Sarang & Tahira Firdous
09 Asr-e-Hazir Mai Sfaarat Kari Ky Asool o Zwaabit: Seerat Tayeebah Ka Itlaaqi Motaaleh Fayyaz Ahmad Farooq
10 Tareekh e Islaam Kay Do Mutzaad Pehloo: Taaleemat Nabawi Ki Roshani Mai Aik Mwazana Zubair Zafar
11 Al Amaal Alkheriyah Al Ijtmaaeeyah Fi Zoo Alseerah Al Nabwiyah Wael Aly Saeed
12 Sharaah “Baez Alnaas” Al Mazkoor Fi Al Jameeh Al Saheeh Lil Bukhari Motaaleh Tehqeeqiyah, Baab Al Zakawat Asia Rasheed & Umair
13 Stylistic Analysis of the Surah Al-Asr and its Thematic Implication ShahidaParveen, Muhammad Rashid Hafeez, Muhammad Shahbaz
14 Impacts of Repetitive Refrains Upon Human Thought and Comprehension: An Exegetical Discourse from Qur’ānic Perspective Muhammad Ashfaq, Manzoor Ahmad Al Azhari
15 Religious Marginalization/ Othering of Pakistani Women in Islamabad Blues by Ladurner Amna Saeed, Zukhruf Gul
16 Advisory & Editorial Board In English
Volume 3 – Issue 2 – 2019
00 Advisory & Editorial Boards
01 Tafseer Jalalain Aur Israelee Rawayaat Ka Tazeeyati Mutaleeah Ikram Ullah & Abdulali Achakzai
02 Islam Aur Science Main Tazaad Ka Tehqeeqi Jaiza Dr Zulqurnain & Rao Farhan Ali
03 Pakistan Main Bachon Par Jinsii Tashadud Aur Fiqh Ul Seerah Ki Roshani Main Tadarak Dr Sadia Gulzar
04 Jadeed Tijarati Nizam Main Mazduron Ky Haqooq Seerat Taeyibah Ki Roshni Mian Dr. Shabir Hussain & Sehar Kiran
05 Gurbat Ky Khatma Ky Lie Azwaaj e Mutaharaat Ki Msaaee Dr. Noor ul Subah & Dr. Shugufta Firdous
06 Aurat Ki Warasat Aur Pakistan Main Simaji O Qanooni Haisiyat Ka Aslami Taleemat Ki Roshni Main Tahqeeqi Jaiza Dr. Nabeela Falak
07 Nisaab Saazi Main Trbiytee O Akhlaqi Jihaat (Asaree Tarjeehaat Aur Fiqh Al Seerah) Dr. Syed Aaga Bacha
08 Sarbraah Riyasat Ky Khteyaraat: Jadeed Magrabi Siyaasi Afkar Ka Seerat Nabwi Ki Roshni Mian Tazeeyati Mutaleah Sumeira Rabia & Maryam Saleem
09 Dor Alkhitaab Alquraani Fi Wasteeyah Alumaah Almuslimah “Darasaah Mozoueeyah” Muhammad Ismaeel & Kfait ullah Hamdani
10 Alwahidaah Alnaseehah W Elaaqateha Bilnamat Allagawee Alkabeer Dr. Muhammad Faisal
11 The Aims of the Prophetic Hijrah and its Teaching and Guidance Dr Aminuddin Hassan
12 Practical Depiction of Gender Equality in Fiqh ul Seerah Perspective: An Analytical Assessment Dr. Musferah Mehfooz & Razia Noor
13 Contemporary Business Ethics: A Study in the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Dr. Hafiz Fazle Omer
14 Role of Tehrīk-e- Mujahedin in promotion of Two Nation Theory: (An analysis of Freedom Movement in the Light of Islamic Teachings) Dr. Riaz Ahmad Seead
15 Advisory & Editorial Board In English
Volume 3 – Issue 1 – 2019
00 Advisory & Editorial Boards
01 Qurani Moasharti Ahkam Aur Lafz-e-La’alakum: Hikam o Asri Italaaqat Samreen Aftab & Dr. Muhammad Arshad
02 Maqam-e-Nabowat o Risalat: Kutab-e-Muqadasa Ki Roshani Main (Tajziati Mutaleah) Dr. Muhammad Afzal & Dr. Syeda Sadia
03 Makki Dor-e-Nabowat Aur Muslim Aqliyat Ka Fiqh-ul-Seerah Ki Roshani Main Samaji Mutaleah Niaz Ahmad & Syeda Rabia Ahmad
04 Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa Kay Ilami Asfar Muhammad Akram & Dr. Abdul Aleem
05 Pakistani Deeni Madaris Wa Asri Taleemi Idaaron ka Samaji Tashkeel Main Kirdar ( Fiqh-ul-Seerah Kay Tanazur Main) Dr. Nasiruddin
06 Asri Karobari Akhlakiyat Ki Tatheer Dr. Salma Mehmood
07 Rawaiya-e-Sarif ( Comsumer Behavior) Aur Islami Akhlakiyat Memoona Rafi & Bushra Iqbal
08 Aalami Siasat Main Islami Riasat Ka Kirdar ( Seerah-e-Nabwi Ki Roshani Main Aik Jaiza) Dr. Noor Hayat Khan
09 Dwr-ul-Infaq Fi Sabeel Allah Fi Rifahiyat Al-Majtama Al-Muaseer Fi Zwo Fiqh-ul-Seerah Asif Raza
10 Al Nazriya Al-Deeniya Li Fikar Al-Ashaab Al-Dwali Zwo Al Seerah Al Nabwiya Faiz Ullah Baghdadi
11 Analysis Of Rights Of Foetus In The Light Of Searah Nabviyah: Comparative Study With Positive Law Muhammad Nawaz Hassani
12 The Impact of Prophetic Hijrah on the Societies of Makkah and Madinah Dr. Aminuddin Hassan
Volume 2 – Issue 2 – 2018
00 Advisory & Editorial Boards
01 Istihkam-e-khandan mein Zojain ka kirdar Seerat-e-Tayyaba ka Amli-o-Itlaqi. Dr Sayeda Sadia
02 Muasharti Fasad-o-Intishar kay Tadaruk ka Nabavi Manhaj. Dr Naseem Mehmood, Samia Mujahid
03 Khandani Nizam Mein Tarbiyyat-e- Akhlaq Seerat-ul-Nabi kay Tanazur Mein. Dr Muhammad Arshad, Sidra Firdous
04 Asri Samaaj ki Muashi Sargarmiyon mein Akhlaq-e-Hasnah ka kirdar Seerat-e-Taayyaba kay Tanazur mein. Dr Sanaullah Al Azhari,Dr Zahoor ullah Al Azhari
05 Karobari Tashheer aur Akhlaqiyat Seerat-e-Tayyaba ki roshni mein. Dr۔ Farhad ullah, Qaiser Bilal
06 Saarfeen kay Huqooq : Muasir Pakistani Qawaneen aur Seerat-e-Nabvi ka taqabuli Mutalah Dr Abzahir Khan, Raheem Dad
07 Al- Seerat-ul Nabviyyah Az Ahmad Bin Zaini Dahlan kay mabahis-e-Fiqhia ka tehqeeqi Jaiza. Dr Hafiz Muhammad Naeem
08 Ghair Muslimon say talluqat aur Baqaye Bahmi ki Asas Seerat-ul-Nabvi kay tananzur mein. Dr Muhammad Sajjad
09 Asr-e-Hazir mein Ghair Muslim Riasat kay ghair Muslim Rayasaton say Talluqat Muahdat-e- Nabavi kay Tanazur mein. Dr Ali Akbar Al Azhari, Ajmal Ali
10 Al Alaqat-ul-Diblomasiyah Fi Seerat –ul-Nabaviah:Namazuj Tatbiqat. Muhammad Abdul Razaq Aswad
11 Al Tarjuma wa Sunnat-ul-Nabaviyah: Tahaddiat-o-Hulool. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz
12 Islamic World in the Global Scenario, Challenges and Strategy: A Study from the Seerat Nabawi’s Perspective. Dr. Hafiz Fazle Omer
13 Contemporary Challenges regarding Muslim-Christian Dialogue:And Its Solution in the Light of Nobel Sīrah of the Holy Prophet Dr.Riaz Ahmad Saeed
Volume 2 – Issue 1 – 2018
00 Advisory & Editorial Boards
01 Samaji Raviyyun ki Tashkeel ka nabvi manhaj-e- Akhlaq (Ahd-e-jadeed kay Tanazur Mein. Dr Aqeel Ahmad
02 Zara-e-iblagh ka kirdar Aur Us kay Infiradi-o-Masharti Asrat Seerat-e-Tayyaba ki Roshni Main Tahaddiyat. Dr Umme Salma
03 Mausar Khanddani Masail Aur Seerat-e-Tayyeba ki Roshni Main in Ka Hal. Fakhra Tehseen
04 Gharebon ki Maashi Kafalat Mein Sahabiyat ka Kirdar. Farikha Khan & Dr Zahoor Ullah Al Azhari
05 Smaji Rawabit Ki Websites Aur Islami Taleemat. Iqra Khalid
06 Insan ki Maasharati Zindagi Par Sifat-e- Ilahia K Asrat. Bushra Arshad
07 Al-Mule Ila-al-Tatarrub- il-Deeni Al- Asri Fi-il-Daolat-i- Islamia Wal- Gharbia) Dr.Asma Ul Husna
08 Women and Feminism: A discourse analysis of contemporary theories and Islamic teachings. Dr Farhat Nisar Dr Aasia Rashid
09 The Challenge Of Atheism And Its Solution In The Light Of Islamic Teachings Dr Hafiz Abdul Ghani
Volume 1 – Issue 2 – 2017
01 Qura’n Ka Seegha-e-Nahi Aor Aaeli Munkarat Samia Mujahid, Dr. Naseem Mahmood
02 Maqam-e-Nabuwwat-o-Risalat:Kutub-e-Muqaddasa Ki Roshani Main (Tajziati Mutalaa) Muhammad Afzal, Dr. Syeda Sadia
03 Maasir Taleemi Nizam Main “Mar Nahin Piar” Ka Tasawwur Aor Tarbiyyat-e-Afrad Ka Nabavi Manhaj Dr. Abdul Aleem
04 Khawateen Ki Akhlaqi Tarbiyyat: Seerat-e-Hazrat-e-Aysha Aor Un Ki Marwiyyat Say Akhz-o-Istifada Fakhira Tehseen, Dr. Muhammad Arshad
05 Shariat Ki Haqiqat Aor Tabeerat (Afkar-e-Mujaddid-e-Alif Sani Kay Tanazur MAin) Dr. Muhammad Naeem Anwar Al-Azhari
06 Qaida Istishab Ki Hujjiyyat Par Ahl-e-Sunnat Aor Ahl-e-Tashayyu Ki Aara Ka Tahqeeqi-o-Taqabuli Mutlaa Dr. Shabbir Hussain
07 Al-Lughat-ul-Injaleeziyyah Wa Asruha Ala-al-Lughatil Arabiyyat-il-Ielamiyyah (Dirasah Tehliliyyah) Dr. Muhammad Nawaz
08 Adabul Atfal Inda-al-Sayyed Abil Hasan Ali-Al-Nadavi Asma Ali
09 Critical Study of Moral Teachings of Islam and Buddhism for Promotion of Global Peace Dr. Mudasar Hussain
10 Contemporary Debate on Peace, Politics and Religion: A Quranic Perspective Sajid Iqbal Sheikh
Volume 1 – Issue 1 – 2017
01 Qura’ni Aor Ghair Qura’ni Zindagi Ka Taqabul Aor Jaiza Dr. Asia Rasheed
02 Ism-e-Muhammad (PBUH) Aor Rasoolullah Ki Jalalat-e-Qadar Ka Tahqeeqi Aor Tajziati Mutalaa Abrar Hussain, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed Khan Abbasi
03 Khandani Nizam Ka Istihkam Aor Maasharti Falah (Taleemat-e-Nabvi(PBUH)Ki Roshani MIn) Umm-e-Salma
04 Pakistani Mushara Main Mutallaqa Khawateen Kay Qanooni Masail, Mujawwaza Hal Dr. Syeda Sadia
05 Tahaffuz-e-Huqooq-e-Niswan Act Ka Shari-o-Qanooni Nuqta-e-Nazar Say Tajziati Mutalaa Aysha Rahman, Dr. Muhammad Arshad
06 Falasteeni Mustadhafeen Ki Asri Soort-e-Hal: Aik JAiza Tamia Khalid
07 Al-Tarjuma Wal Aolamah (Dirasah Tahleeliah) Dr. Muhammad Nawaz
08 Aqd-ul-Taoreed-Tareefuhu,Arkanuhu Wa Shurootuhu Dr. Naseem Mahmood
09 Interfaith Marriages in Islam: A Case Study of Christian Wives of Muslim Rulers Koser Perveen, Dr. Muhammad Sultan Shah
10 Islam and Forced Conversion: A Misunderstood Concept Nayab Ruby
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Volume 5 – Issue 2 – 2021
00 Advisory & Editorial Boards
01 Ahd e Sadiqui Main Jama e Quraan ka Muharik o Maqsad: Ishkalaat o Tozehaat Dr. Usman Ahmad
02 Qissa Adam Aur Ilm Waja Mansab e Khilafat Tahira Yasmeen & Dr. Muhammad Saeed Sheikh
03 Takreem e Insaniyat Our Quran ka Dawati Manhaj, Taleemat e Anbiya ki Roshni Main Dr. Fozia Fiaz & Naeem Qaiser
04 Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri key haan Khabr-e-Wahid ka darja aor qaboliyat ki sharait Dr. Muhammad Rasheed &Dr. Sumera Rabia & Dr. Muhammad Irfan
05 Insani Shakhsiyat ki Akhlaqi Tarbiyat: Hadith o Seerat ki Roshni Main Irum Shahzadi
06 Qabal az Azdwaj Tibbi Muyaina Aur Ahwal e Shakhsiya (Maqasad e Shariyat ky Tanazur Main) Muhammad Ameer Hamza & Dr. Humayaon Abbas
07 Fiqh e Islami ki Asri Ihtiaj aur Muasariyat Dr. Anwar Al-azhari & Muhammad Husnain
08 Moasir Islamic Benkari mein Tawwaruq ka Istimal: Fiqh-e-Islami ki Roshni mein aik Tajziati Motalia Dr. Salman Ahmad Khan & Dr. Amir Hayat
09 Adam Tashadud se Mutaliq Bible ki Talemaat Sumera Kouser & Dr. Mustafeez Ahmad Alvi
10 Riyasti Amoor Main Mushawarat ki Ahmiyat: Ahd-e-Nabwi ka Mutlaya Dr. Nabeela Falak
11 Tashkeel e Samaaj Main Zaraye Iblaagh Ka Kirdaar ( Islami Taleemat ki Roshni Main Tajziyat Mutalya) Dr. Noor Hayat & Dr. Syed Muhammad Shahid Trimzi & Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Farooq
12 Fikr e Islami main Paidaar Taraqqi ka Tasawur Aur Is ka Pakistani Muashary ki Tashkeel e Jadeed main Kirdar Dr. Kulsoom Paracha
13 Naat e Rasool e Maqbool, Tafheem, Mozoati Taqseem aur Takhleeqi Muharakaat per ek Nazar Dr. Mutahir Shah & Dr. Naheed Akhter & Mr. Tariq Rasheed
14 Allama Abdul Maajid Badayuni ki Taleemi Khidmaat Mazhar Hussain Bhadro & Muhammad Abid Nadeem
15 Manhij ul Sameen Hâlbi’s fī Tafsîr “Al- DûrrAl- Masoon”Dirāsatu Tahliyati Nahwiya Dr. Muhammad Iqbal & Dr.Qasim Azzam
16 Quyood Wa Ma’ayeer Tarjamato Ma’ani Al Quran Al karim(Dirasa Wasfiya Fe Doe Mawaqif il Ulama) Dr. Muhammad Nawaz & Dr. Nargis Nazir
17 Al- Dablo Masiyati Islamiyati Wa Maqasidoha fi Zao e Seerat ul Nabawiya Syed Noor ul Huda Hashmi & Dr. Attaullah Faizi
18 Istihraj ul Ahtiyat ul Mazmoom e Minal Ahtiyat ul Faqhi wa Asroho Alal Fiqh il Muasir: Dirasat ul Fiqhiya Wa Nazriya Israr Khan & Dr. Qasim Ashraf Noor
19 An Islamic Perspective of Animals’ Welfare paradigm Aqsa Tasgheer & Junaid Anwar
20 Women Employment Decision-Making: Do Islam Matters? A Case Study Of Pakistan Prof. Dr. Uzma Quraishi & Hina Ali & Khizra Sardar
21 Mission Through Correspondence:A Comparative Study of Da‘wah Academy and Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institute (PBCI) Dr. Syed Ghazanfer Ali & Shahzad Afzal
22 Scientific Interpretation of Qur’ānic Verses Pertaining to Physics Ayesha Nadeem & Prof. Dr. Sultan Shah
23 Advisory and Editorial board in English
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