Students’ Promotion to the next semester

Following are the rules and regulations for the students to get promoted successfully in the next semester. Any student who would fail to achieve the minimum CGPA will have to repeat the courses with lowest grades in summer semester or in the up-coming final examination, if those courses are being offered by university.

Promotion Rules

  1. A student must obtain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.00 at the end of each semester for promotion to the next semester.
  2. In case a student is able to obtain GPA of 1.70 or more but less than 2.00 except first semester where GPA of 1.50 or more but less than 2.0, she will be promoted to the next Semester on probation (1st probation). If the student does not achieve the desired CGPA of 2.0 but obtains CGPA greater than or equal to 1.7, will go to the 2 nd (last) probation. The candidate, who fails to secure 1.50 GPA in the first semester or 1.70 CGPA in a subsequent semester, will stand automatically dropped from the rolls of the University.
  3. A student will have the right to avail probation twice in the following semesters.
  4. A student has to obtain CGPA 2.00 in the last semester of each program for the award of the degree.
  5. In the first, third, fifth and seventh semesters a student will be required to repeat those courses of the first, third, fifth and seventh semesters, respectively, in which she had failed.
  6. In the second, fourth, sixth and eighth semester, a student will be required to repeat those courses of the second, fourth, sixth and eighth semesters, respectively, in which she had failed.
  7. If a student gets D grade, she can repeat the course when offered to improve her grade.

Promotion to Higher Classes

Grades        Grade given to a student in each course shall be of two types:


(i)        Numerical Grades:

Assessment of performance on the basis of marks fixed for a course of any credit Hours Unit, shall be termed Numerical grade (NG).


(ii)        Alphabetical Grades:


Equivalent of numerical grade in terms of alphabets shall be termed as Latter Grade (LG). Each letter carries a value in terms of numerical points of Grade point (GP).


Grading System


  1. a) Grade points should be as follows:

A+ for 4.00, A for 3.66, B+ for 3.33, B for 3.00, B- for 2.66, C+ for 2.33,C for 2.00, C- for 1.66, D+ for 1.33,  D for 1.00 and F for 0.00 or fail and I for incomplete, W for withdraw, N for No grade reported.

Maximum Grade Point Average = 4.00                                                                                         Please Note:

Each course Title consists of theory and Practical, as given in the Courses of studies.


  1. b) Equivalence between letter grading and numerical grading shall be as follows:


Marks Range Grade Point Letter Grade
85 and above 4.00   A+
80 – 84 3.66   A
75 – 79 3.33   B+
70 – 74 3.00   B
67-69 2.66   B-
64-66 2.33   C+
60-63 2.00   C
57-59 1.66   C-
53-56 1.33   D+
50-52 1   D
0-49 0   F
Incomplete 0   I
Withdraw 0   W
No Grade reported 0   N


Grade Point Average

The academic rating of a student shall be calculated on the basis of the Grade Point Average. The Grade Points obtained by a student in each course shall be multiplied by the number of credit hours specified for that course and then the Grade Point Average (GPA) shall be calculated. e.g.



Course No. Credit Hours Grade Grade Point Total Grade Points
332 3 B 3.00 3.00*3 9.00
342 3 C+ 2.33 2.33*3 6.99
364 3 A 3.66 3.66*3 10.98
367 3 F 0 0*3 0


Cumulative Grade Points: 27.00

Total Credit Hours: 12

Grade Point Average: 2.25


Cumulative Grade Point Average


  1. a) The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) shall be calculated at the end of the second semester and each of the subsequent semesters.


  1. b) If a student fails to make up the deficiency in her Cumulative Grade Point Average in given the number of chances permitted, she will cease to be on the rolls of the univers


Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Averages (C. GPAs) will be calculated using the following relationships:

GPA = Sum over Courses in Semester (Course Credit Hours X Grade Point Earned)

Total Semester Credit Hours


CGPA = Sum over all taken Courses in all Semesters(Course Credit Hours X Grade Point Earned)

Total Credit Hours Taken in all Semesters



These Regulations can be amended/altered by the Academic Council and whenever it is needed, new Regulations can also be added.