Office of the Director Academics

The GCWUS University composed standardized scheme of studies according to HEC criteria for four years BS and two years Masters Program.

BS Structure

  • Total no of credit hours 124-136
  • Semester duration 16-18
  • Course duration 8 Semesters

The university publishes a schedule of complete academic year for its Spring, Fall and Summer semesters for the convenience of students and Faculty members mentioning the following.

  • Semester starting date
  • Holidays during the semester
  • Semester Termination date
  • Final exam date
  • Result uploading date

Students are responsible to meet the requirements and deadline published for each semester in the academic calendar. Students will also be expected to know and act on the rules, regulations and policies of the university as well as those of the departments in which they are enrolled.

Change of Courses

  • A student with the consent of the concerned Head of Department may be allowed to change a course within seven days of the start of a semester.

Repeating Courses

  • Whenever a student fails or gets ‘F’ grade she has to repeat the course whenever offered.


  • It is mandatory that a student must have 75% attendance in a course to appear in the exam.


  • In each semester, a student maybe required to appear in Quizzes, Tests, Assignments and Presentations with Midterm and Final examination. Students are expected to participate in group discussions and submit projects. This is to be determined by the instructors.

Quiz                           5 marks

Test                            5 marks

Assignment              5 marks

Presentation            5 marks

Midterm exam        30 marks

Final exam                50 marks

Total                           100 marks

In case a student joins a course after it has started because of some serious reason then she will be herself responsible for the missed sessional and lectures. In this context the instructor can arrange make up sessional for her.There is never a supplementary/ special examination in a semester system if a student fails in a course. In such conditions she is required to repeat it.

Grading Policy

  • Grade point Average is GPA.
  • Cumulative Grade point Average is CGPA which is minimum 2.0.

Paper Viewing

  • Proper paper viewing has to be made before submission of final result to the controller of examination.
  • This would be helpful to avoid students’ grievances and calculation errors in the scripts.

Enrollment of Students and Final Transcript

  • University enrolls students if they fulfill the enrollment criteria and also issues the students a transcript for the done courses.

Course Files

  • Maintenance of the course files is compulsory for the teacher.
  • It will have a complete record of all that happened during the semester.
  • The course file contains description of course contents.
  • Weekly Teaching schedule
  • Copy of Quiz, Test, Topics of Assignments and Presentations
  • Copy of Midterm and Final term question paper
  • Copy of the grade sheets of the students
  • Attendance of the students in the running semester

Freezing of a Semester

  • If a student freezes a semester because of some reason then she will join the same semester. 

Teacher Evaluation

  • Every course instructor is evaluated by the student on what they have been taught by their instructor.
  • It is done by the end of the semester.
  • This is done so that the course instructor should remain unbiased and fair and also try to improve herself. This generally promotes the standard of teaching and breeds good will between the student and the instructor.