Ms. Zaib Un-Nisa

Designation(s):  Lecturer
Education:  M.Phil
Department(s):  Zoology

Career Brief:

I am MS with specialization in biochemistry. I worked as SSE at GGHSS Vario from April 3, 2012 May 1, 2015.  I joined GC Women University Sialkot as a lecturer in 2015. My research area includes proteins, immunology, molecular biology and microbiology with expertise in different techniques like PCR, RFLPs, SSCP, SDS-PAGE, Agarose, Gel Electrophoresis, Chromatographic Techniques, ELISA, DNA and RNA Isolation, Cloning,Microbiology Techniques , Western, Southern and Northern Blotting

Along with teaching responsibilities I have been working as co-ordinator of different MSc. And BS sessions, focal person admissions, media coordinator at ORIC.I am also  member of steering committee ORIC, Member Zoological Society,Member Discipline Committee, Member Student counseling committee and focal person for website updation teams.

Journa publications:

  1. Cloning , heterologous expression and chrachterization of sec Antigen of staphylococcus aureus .
  2. Study on heat stroke “ a life threatening health challenge of global warming”
  3. Carpological study on prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in cattle at Sialkot District”