Ms. Um Ul Huda

Designation(s):  Lecturer
Education:  M.Phil
Department(s):  English

Career Brief:

English Language Teaching and its challenges, have been a field of study for quite a long time now. However, despite the tremendous amounts of researches in this area, the challenges and issues continue to prevail in the Education systems where English is taught as the foreign or a second language. I grew up in one such environment, where English language still remains a challenging domain at all the levels of education. To date, my previous researches have somehow been revolving around the development of English Speaking skill and the challenges students face while acquiring it. These studies also covered the issues teachers were facing in the implementation of the curriculum that covered the speaking domains of English Language. A lot of factors came into view, but there still is a lot to learn about the situation prevailing in the local educational institutions.
As soon as I began my professional career as an English teacher, I realized that our educational system has been more oriented around academic reading and writing aspects of English language. The development of speaking skill comes way later and has never been the priority of Educational institutions, as English continues to be treated as a foreign language in the society, despite its being the official language of majority of the departments. Thus, through my professional life, I shifted my focus of case studies and researches towards the reading and writing skill development. Through my experimentation, I touched a few other domains alongside pure English teaching, including psychology, counselling, ethnographic studies, etc. This painful journey of language teaching and exploring as well as trying to resolve the issues students face in reading and writing of English language has shaped my research goals. My practical experiences as a language teacher have greatly contributed towards my interest in the field of TEFL.

Reseach Work Titles:

  1. BA (Hons)- English Language and Linguistics Thesis: The implementation of an ESL based curriculum to enhance the speaking skill at primary level schools of Punjab
  2. Phil (Applied Linguistics Thesis): The Teaching of Phonetic Transcription and Its Effectiveness at Secondary School Level.

Journal Publications:

  1. Effectiveness Of Science Inquiry With Six Major Instructional Tools For Diverse Learners Of Middle Level In Public Schools, Journal Volume, Year & Page#: Journal of Elementary Education (ier) 40 (1), pp. 1-12, 2018

Conference Publications:

  1. Accommodating Diverse Learners through Inquiry along with Six Major Principles at Elementary Level. Presented (by the co-author) at: INTCESS 2018 5th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences 5-7 February 2018- Istanbul, Turkey.
  2. Effectiveness of inquiry with six major instructional tools for diverse learners at upper middle level. Presented at: ICORE 2017 -5th International Conference on Research in Education, 30 Nov-2nd Dec 2017, IER, University of the Punjab, Lahore.