Ms. Shafaq Shakeel

Designation(s): Lecturer

Education(s): MS

Department(s): Zoology


Career Breif:

Serving GCWUS since 2014. During this period performed following additional duties:

Worked as a focal person of HEC project entitled “Strengthening and Upgradation of Universities of Backward Areas (Funding Rs. 66 Million) , Secretary/Member Project Steering Committee, Focal Person of Admission Committee of Dept. of Zoology, Focal person of phase II of Health Profile Data, Member of Committee for formulating SOPs for Purchase, Procurement and Tender, Member QEC, Member P& D, Member Equipment Technical Committee, Member Website Committee, Member Zoological Society and Semester Coordinator.

I also worked as research associate in Dept. of Poultry Science, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. (May 2013 to August 2014).  Many training and workshop were also conducted during my professional career in GCWUS and University of Agriculture Faisalabad by obtaining funding from USAID, HEC, PHEC and Pakistan Science Foundation.

Book Chapter Published

  • Rehman, U. S & Shakeel, S. (2017). Poultry Industry. M, Haq. U. A & Haq. U. Akram (Eds.), Poultry Production Technology (pp. 17-27). Retrieved from

Paper Published in Journal

Abstract Published in Conference

  • Shakeel, S., Ahmed, A., Wazir, R.,  Butt, K. R., Syed, S., Talib, N & Mehmood, M. (2017). An Epidemiological Study of Ice Cream Headache (ICH) among population of Sialkot District. Poster presented at the International Conference on Trends and Prospects in Molecular Biosciences, 23-24 October (pp.65). University of Punjab,
  • Madiha, M., Imran, S., Maalik, S., Mushtaq, S.,Qamer, M., Nawaz, S & Shakeel, S. (2017).Serotonin, a novel drug for Neurodegeneration in mouse model. 37th Pakistan Congress of Zoology (International). GC University, Faisalabad.
  • Imran, S., Qamer, M., Maalik, S., Mushtaq, S., Sajjad, R., Madiha, M., Nawaz, S & Shakeel, S. (2017) Comparative study of relevant circulatory proteins between Non Insulin dependent diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) and Normal Female Local Population. 37th Pakistan Congress of Zoology (International). GC University Faisalabad.
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