Ms. Mahaam Khan

Designation(s):  Lecturer
Education:  PhD.Scholar
Department(s):  English

Career Brief:

I am recently pursuing PHD degree in Applied Linguistics from University of Lahore . My area of research has been in Critical Discourse Analysis, Feminism, Stylistics and Semiotics. I have been a student of Linguistics since my Bachelor’s and I have also presented few papers related to my field. I have been teaching spoken English course and O-levels in Customs Public school, Lahore. I have also taught at Punjab University Law college an English teacher for almost three years. Moreover, I have also taught various major subjects at Kinnaird college for Women, Lahore for almost four years. I have also been working with ICLAP on a managing position helping to conduct the first Linguistic association conference in Pakistan, Lahore. Recently, I have also completed a training session of five days at Pakistan Planning and management institute for the preparation of PC-I and PC-II held in Islamabad. I have been researching related to gender and language along with the use of Semiotics to deal with anthropology and represent a deeper picture with analytical analysis of various topics which incorporate the use of linguistic elements .