Ms. Madiha Mahmood

Designation(s):  Lecturer
Education:  M.Phil
Department(s):  Zoology

Career Brief:

I worked as a S.S.E in Goverenment Girls High School Partanwali Sialkot. I taught biochmistry at Sialkot College of physiotherapy and since May 4, 2015 am working as a lecturer in Department of Zoology. I have two publications in a well reputed Journals and abstract publications in many national and international conferences.I also co-supervised an M.phil student with Dr. Asma (HOD) with thesis title ,INCIDENCE OF HEPATITIS B AND C AND ITS RELATIONSHIP WITH AGE, GENDER AND MARITAL STATUS OF PATIENTS OF DISTRICT SIALKOT, PAKISTAN.My field of interest is neurodegeneration and its therapeutics.GCWUS provided us with platform where we can grow in fields of teaching research and administration.

Journal Publications:

  1. Ali T, Farhat F, Mahmud M, Waheed H, Ishtiaq M , Javed Q and Murtaza I (2015) Serotonin elevated ROS levels induce pathologies in diabetic rat heart, indicating proposed mechanism for diabetes link to cardiac hypertrophy (Archives of Biological Sciences, 67(2), 655-661
  2. Ali T, Shaheen F,Waheed H, Mahmud M, Ishtiaq M , Javed Q and Murtaza I(2015) Increased endogenous serotonin level in diabetic condition may leads to cardiac valvulopathy via ROS regulation (Biologia 70/2: 273—278, 2015 Section, Cellular and Molecular Biology)

Conferences Publications:

  1. Mahmud M, Amin S, Maalik S, Mushtaq S,  Razzaq R, Qamer M, Nawaz S and  Shakeel S (2016) Serotonin, a novel drug for Neurodegeneration in Mouse Model
  2. Imran S, Maalik S, Mushtaq S,  Sajjad R, Qamer M, Mahmud M Nawaz S and  Shakeel S (2016) Comparative study of relevant circulatory proteins between Non Insulin Dependant Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) and normal female local population.