Ms. Ayesha Asghar

Designation(s):  Lecturer
Education:  MS
Department(s):  Psychology

Career Brief:

Ayesha Asghar holds MS degree from Centre for Clinical Psychology, University of Punjab. Prior to that, she earned M.Sc. in applied psychology and B.Ed. from University of Punjab. During her MS degree, she had been working as trainee Clinical Psychologist in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital LHR, Living Institute for Slow Learners, Child Protection and Welfare Bureau and Centre for Clinical Psychology. After that, she joined GC Women University Sialkot as Visiting Lecturer, and started working as Clinical Psychologist in Jan 2021 in the same University. Currently she is working as Lecturer in Department of Psychology, GC Women University Sialkot and partially working in the office of Vice Chancellor GCWUS.

Research Work

  1. Carried out a Research titled “Menstrual Knowledge, Practices, Menstrual Attitudes and Menstrual Distress in Adolescents” in 2018.
  2. Carried out an individual research titled “Work-family Conflict, Stress and Marital Adjustment in Married Working Women” in 2015.
  3. Carried out a group research titled “Wellbeing of Children living in Orphan homes and children living with Parents” in 2014.