Dr. Waleed Khan

Designation(s):  Lecturer
Education:  PhD
Department(s):  Islamic Studies
Email:  waleed.khan@gcwus.edu.pk
Contact:  03030830691

Career Brief:

To widen my horizon of knowledge, gain valuable experience along with obtaining confidence in myself and achieving excellence in my field and strive for the betterment of my country. Desire the opportunity to contribute to the organization’s long-term success with continued personal and professional growth. Lead the organization from the front with hard work, dedication, zeal and responsibilities. Enhance youngster’s vision through Islamic education.

Journal Publications

  1. Research article “Research Review of Maulānā Shāh Hakīm Muhammad Akhtar’s Preaching in Bengal (Banghladesh) and the Impact of Silsila-e-Akhtaria” Published in Ihya-ul Ulom
    (HEC “Y”Category) Vol:20, Issue (01)2020.
  2. Research article ” The Role of Islamic Education in Moral Character Building of Pakistani Youth: An Analytic Study ”
    Published in Multicultural Education Research Journal USA. (HEC”X”Category) Vol:07, Issue (09) 2021
  3. Research article “Research Review of Maulana Shah Hakim Muhammad Akhtar’s preaching in France and the Impact of Sislah-e-Akhtaria Published in Al-Wifaq by Department of Islamic studies Federal Urdu university of Arts, Science & Technology Islamabad. (HEC “Y”Category) Vol:5, Issue (01) 2021
  4. Research article “Towards Inclusive India: State Legislation for Inter-Faith Co-Existence during the Period of Emperor Akbar ”
    Published in Al Baṣīrah research journal of NUML Islamabad. (HEC”Y”Category) Vol:10, Issue (01) 2021
  5. Research article ” Review of Distinguished Steps of Sufism Training By Imam Rabbani Hazrat Majudid Alaf-Sanni (R.A) ”
    Published in Al Khadim Research Journal of Islamic Culture and Civilization. (HEC “Y”Category) Vol:02, Issue (01) 2021
  6. Research article “An Introductory Review of the Remarkable Books and Exhortations of Molana Hakim Akhtar R.A (Silsla e Akhtaria) Published in Research Journal Rahat-ulquloob Quetta
    (HEC “Y”Category) Vol:5, Issue (01) 2021
  7. Research article “The Magical Talisman Within: Representation of Cult of Optimism in Paulo Coelho’s Novels” Published in South Asian Journal of Contemporary Social Sciences
    (HEC “Y”Category) Vol:3, Issue (01) 2021

Conference Publications

  1. Terms And Characteristics of Leadership In Islamic Style of Government
  2. Sources of Public International Law include treaties, international customs, general principles of law as recognized by Islamic Jurisprudence