Designation(s):  Lecturer
Education:  PhD
Department(s):  Urdu
Email:  khuram.yasin@gcwus.edu.pk

Career Brief:

As an HEC-approved Ph.D. Supervisor and recipient of the prestigious Best Researcher Award from Govt. College Women University in 2023, my journey in Urdu Language and Literature has been marked by unwavering dedication and scholarly excellence. Since joining the Department of Urdu at GCWUS in 2021, I’ve contributed significantly to academia and research, including pivotal roles in a joint research project with the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce in 2022.

My extensive experience spans roles as a visiting lecturer at Government College University Faisalabad, alongside notable contributions to the Punjab Education Department and Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122. With three published books, 30 research articles, and active participation in 11 national and international conferences and seminars, I’ve enriched scholarly discourse and advanced the field.

Moreover, my commitment extends beyond research to pedagogical innovation, evident in my roles as a Lecturer and Coordinator of the M.S. Urdu Programme at Govt. College Women University, Sialkot. I take pride in my involvement in curriculum development and my editorial contributions to esteemed Urdu research journals. Driven by a passion for Urdu literature and a belief in collaborative, research-based teaching, I remain dedicated to furthering excellence in my profession.