Dr. Luqman Khan

Designation(s):  Assistant Professor
Education:  PhD
Department(s):  Zoology
Email:  luqman.khan@gcwus.edu.pk

Career Brief:

Dr. Luqman Khan completed his PhD in Developmental Biology from the Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan. Where he worked on Drosophila Genetics  and Stem cells related research. Dr. Khan also completed his Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of California San Francisco, USA. His research project was related to nuclear morphology of white blood cells (especially bilobed cells) and chromosome dynamics during cell cycle.

Journal Publications:

  1. Asad Ullah, Neelam Mabood, Muhammad Maqbool, Luqman Khan, Maria Khan and Mujib Ullah (2021). SAR-CoV-2 infection, emerging new variants and the role of activation induced cytidine deaminase (AID) in lasting immunity. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal. In Press. IF-4.4.
  2. Asad Ullah, Neelam Mabood, Muhammad Maqbool, Luqman Khan and Mujib Ullah (2021). Cytidine deamination-induced perpetual immunity to SAR-CoV-2 infection is a potential new therapeutic target. International Journal of Medical Sciences (In Press).IF-3.7
  1. Asma Waheed Qureshi, Bushra Javed and Luqman Khan (2021). Analysis of Internal transcribed spacer1 (ITS1) region of rDNA for Genetic characterization of Paramphistomum sp. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 28(10):5617-5620. IF- 4.2
  2. Nagavalli Pillalamari, Abdullah, Gang Ren, Luqman Khan, Asad Ullah, Sriya Jonnakuti and Mujib Ullah (2021). Exploring the utility of extracellular vesicles in ameliorating viral infection-associated inflammation, cytokine storm and tissue damage. Translational Oncology 14 (7): IF- 4
  3. Luqman Khan, Nisar Ul Khaliq, Asad Ullah, Naseem Rafiq and Mujib Ullah (2020). COVID-19 Pandemic: Mechanistic approaches and gender vulnerabilities. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal 28 (12): 1874-1876. IF-4.4
  4. Luqman Khan, Katsumi Sato, Shinichi Okuyama, Takeshi Kobayashi, Kazumasa Ohashi, Katsuya Hirasaka, Takeshi Nikawa, Kunio Takada, Atsushi Higashitani*, Kenji Abiko (2020). Ultra-high-purity iron is a novel and very compatible biomaterial. Journal of Mechanical Behaviour and Biomedical Materials 106 (6): 103744-103753. IF- 3.9
  5. Omer Draz, Khizer Malick, Muhammad Asrar, Riffat Yaseen and Luqman Khan (2020). Fossils Remains of Even Toed Ungulates from the Middle Siwaliks, Punjab, Pakistan. Journal of Historical Biology, 1-10. IF-2.25
  6. Adil Khan, Nasreen Nasreen, Sadaf Niaz, Said Sajjad Ali Shah, Robert D. Mitchell III, Sultan Ayaz, Huma Naeem, Luqman Khan & Adalberto Pérez DeLeón (2019). Tick burden and tick species prevalence in small ruminants of different agencies of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Pakistan. International Journal of Acarology 45(6-7),374-380. IF-1.05
  7. Asma Waheed Qureshi, Zaib-ullah Khan, Luqman Khan*, Abu Mansoor and Rashid Minhas (2019). Prevalence of malaria, typhoid and co-infection in District Dir (Lower), Pakistan. Bioscience Journal 35(1): 317-325. IF-0.33
  8. Ayesha Riaz, Muhammad Ahsan Riaz, Luqman Khan, Muhammad Shareef Masoud, Ghulam Hussain, Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Qasim (2018). STAT6 variants and non-atopic asthma in Pakistani population. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Biology 64 (14): 0145-5680. IF-1.7

Conference Publications:

  1. Invited Speaker in “ Symposium on Cancer, Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine” at Abadan University of Medical Sciences, Iran (24-29 April 2021).
  2. Presented Paper in the “Global Expo & Congress on Biomaterials” (13-14 May, 2019), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  3. Presented paper in the “6th ICGEB Symposium on Human RNA Viruses” (26-28 Oct. 2018), Fudan University Shanghai, China.