Dr. Faisal Munir

Designation(s):  Lecturer
Education:  PhD
Department(s):  Economics
Email:  faisal.munir@gcwus.edu.pk

Career Brief:

I have 5 years teaching and research experience in multiple institutions such, University of Glasgow, University of Gujrat and PMAS Arid Agriculture University. I have total 10 research publications from which one is in impact factor journal and one in HEC X category and others are also in HEC journals.

Journal Publications

  1. Faisal Munir, Sohail Ahmad, Samiullah, and Ya Ping Wang (2021). Understanding Housing Inequalities in Urban Pakistan: An intersectionality Perspective Between Ethnicity, Income, and Education. Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and the city.
  2. Faisal Munir and Samiullah (2020) Measuring horizontal inequality in income: An intersectional perspective between ethnicity and education in Pakistan. Orient Research Journal of Social Science, Vol 5(2).
  3. Faisal Munir (2020) Impact of Soft Powers on Income Inequality in South Asia: An Empirical Analysis. Journal of Asian Development Studies. Vol 9(4), PP-38-44.
  4. Faisal Munir, Khurram Shahzad and Sardar Shakil (2019) Rich-Poor Gap and Health Inequality Among Married Women in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis. Journal of Asian Development Studies. Vol 8(1). PP44-50.
  5. Faisal Munir and Samiullah (2018) Inclusive growth in Pakistan: Measurement and Determinants. The Pakistan Journal of Social Issues Vol. 6.
  6. Faisal Munir, Maryam Ashfaq and Asia Ashfaq (2018) Financial Development and Inclusive Growth in Pakistan: A Threshold Analysis. Proceedings of International Conference of Economic Studies.
  7. Atif Ali Jaffri, Fatima Farooq and Faisal Munir (2016) Impact of Demographic Changes on Inflation in Pakistan. Pakistan Economic and Social Review Vol. 54.
  8. Faisal Munir, Nasir Mahmood and Amir Zeb (2015) Impact of Redistribution on Income Inequality and Economic Growth in Pakistan. Journal of Global and Scientific Issues Vol. 3.
  9. Amir Zeb and Faisal Munir (2015) Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Energy Saving in South Asian Countries. Journal of Asian Development Studies Vol. 4.
  10. Faisal Munir and Amir Zeb (2015) impact of population, trade and economic development on environmental degradation: a cross country analysis. Journal of global and scientific issues vol. 4