Dr. Aisha Saddiqa

Designation(s):  Assistant Professor
Education:  PhD
Department(s):  Chemistry
Email:  aisha.saddiqa@gcwus.edu.pk

Career Brief:

Dr. Aisha Saddiqa has focused her research career upon organic synthesis. She obtained her Ph.D from University of Sargodha, Pakistan in 2015 [PhD supervisor Dr.Abdul Rauf Raza, UoS]. During her Ph.D, She worked as Research Assistant for two years at the same university and also worked as Research Associate at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey for one year. She joined GCWU, Sialkot in 2016 as Assiatant professor. Her research interests includes the new methods for the asymmetric synthesis of bioactive natural products, isocoumarins, quinolines and natural product-like nucleuses for drug discovery.

Journal Publications

  1. Osman Çakmak, Salih Öktenb, Dilek Alımlı, Aisha Saddiqa, Cem Cüneyt Ersanlıe “Activation of 6-bromoquinoline by nitration: synthesis of morpholinyl and 4-piperazinyl quinolines” Arkivoc, 2018.
  2. Aisha Saddiqa, Osman Çakmak and Muhammad Usman ” Isocoumarins and 3,4-dihydroisocoumrins, The amzing natural products: A Review”, Turkish Journal of Chemistry, 2017, 41, 153.
  3. Abdul R. Raza, Aisha Saddiqa, Osman Çakmak “Chiral pool based synthesis of naphtho-fused isocoumarins”, Chirality 2015, Artical ID 22530.
  4. Salih Ökten, Osman Çakmak , Aisha Saddiqa, Bahadır Keskin, Seda Özdemir, Merve İnal. Reinvestigation of bromination of 8-substituted quinolines and synthesis of novel phthalonitriles, Commun. 2016, 9, 82.
  5. Aisha Saddiqa, Abdul R. Raza, David St.C Black, Naresh Kumar “Chiron based synthesis of isocoumarins: reactivity of a-substituted carboxylic acids”, Tetrahedron Asymmetry 2014, 25, 736.
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