Ms. Ayesha Raana

Designation(s):  Lecturer
Education:  MS
Department(s):  CS/IT

Career Brief:

Ms. Ayesha Raana is currently associated with the Department of Computer Science at Government College Women University, Sialkot as a Lecturer (BPS-18) on regular basis. She is also assigned some duties like focal person of Ignite, Final Year Project Management, incharge of Future Zone Society, semester coordinator of BS CS and BS IT 2020 Session other than teaching. She has also perform the duty of Department Incharge for two and half year (Jan 2016- Oct 2018). Before joining GCWUS, she has worked as a Lecturer and in addition, Exam Manager, departmental Secretary and Secretary of Unfair Means Committee of Exam Department at University of Gujrat- Sub Campus Sialkot (USKT Now). She has been selected as a Master-Trainer under Faculty Professional Development Program from HEC Islamabad in Jan-Feb, 2018.
Ms. Ayesha Raana received her Master’s degree in Software Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila. She was awarded with HEC Full time scholarship at Master level. During that time, she worked as a Research Associate and Lab instructor at Department of Software Engineering, UET, Taxila. Prior to that, she did BS in Software Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila. Her research interests revolve around Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning. Now, she is on way to start her PhD studies.

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

  1. “A Roadmap Towards Cybercrime Causes, Challenges and Prevention” (IEEE 1st International
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