GCWUS is pleased to announce its ALUMNI ASSOCIATION for all the concerned stakeholders. The association aims to to build a beneficial interpersonal relationship among its alumni serving at different positions in various fields for academic, professional, and social purposes. The platform will help strengthen and support the effectiveness of the membership and make the activities of the recognized alumni groups well-directed and target-oriented by promoting them and highlighting their activities for the benefit of the University. You are cordially invited to join us to promote and protect the University’s academic reputation nationally and internationally by engaging all the stakeholders to benefit the Association, the University, and the wider community. The association will present and represent the views of alumni on different national and international forums and provide a platform to all who desire to assist the University in several key activities, including students’ recruitment and career development, thereby supporting the talented and the needy students of GCWUS with records of consistently positive performances in their studies. The association also intends to initiate and support such programs and projects that are necessary or incidental to generate Scholarships for Students. It will work in partnership with the Alumni Relations Office/s to promote the objectives of the Alumni Association and those of the University. By joining the association, you will promote, encourage and assist in effective communications among the Universities, alumni groups, and individual alumni and play your influential role in achieving the ultimate noble objective of serving your nation. Please join the association with missionary zeal and zest (registration is open NOW).

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