Since becoming University in 2013, the demand for resources has increased manifold. The GCWU admissions system is merit based. Therefore, a large number of students of modest families also get admission but they are unable to bear their academic expenses. We intend that not a single deserving student is left out who needs financial aid to carry on his studies. Your financial help can not only bring qualitative change in the life of a student but also in the life of his/her family. So your donation lives in perpetuity like Sadqa-e-Jariya.

Sialkot, being an industrial city, its generous industrialists and other philanthropists are invited to come forward and donate for an excellent cause. As you know, a university is as good as its resources are. Each donor’s name is recorded permanently on the donor’s scroll thus making them a proud participant forever.

Donation Process

Name of every donor with his/her donation is recorded and shown on the ‘donor’s scroll’ on the website of the Trust. Donation of any amount to the trust is welcomed.

Name of the bank and account number is as follows:

Bank:       ______________________________

Account:  ______________________________

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