• Hardware Maintenance/Support

As an integral part, IT Support Center performs activates of client’s PCs to address new/exiting maintenance and support requirements

    • Network

This service provides support and maintenance of all network communication infrastructure required to sustain the IT activates within University premises.

    • Campus Management Solutions

A project of Campus Management System (CMS) is in progress (initial phase) in the Government College Women University, Sialkot.

    • Website Development

Web section has been involved in all stage of the development of web site right from planning, design, quality control, launching to online promotion and monitoring.

    • Official Email

This service provides the ability for staff to communicate electronically via official email. You can use GCWUS’s webmail facility from anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

    • Software Development

The software development section of Information Technology Support Center is actively participating in development of software system of Government College Women University Sialkot.

    • Audio/Video Lecture/Conferencing

IT Support Center will provide its services regarding Audio/Video facilities for conferencing/lecturing/Symposium etc. with the promises of GCWUS funded by HEC (In Progress).

    • Online complaint Management System

Complaint management system is to register the complaints of the GCWUS’s staff for PC & Network Troubleshooting and process to solve them accordingly.